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'We are all individuals. We all think and behave in our own way and react differently to stresses and strains. Some people might be lucky enough to go through life with hardly any problems but, for most of us, life has its ups and downs. Sometimes it can be hard to deal with things, but with the right help, support and a bit of understanding it can be easier to cope with the difficult times'. Source: Scottish Association for Mental Health (

Human Resources - Stress Management Support

Human Resources (HR) provide a wide range of support services to staff on stress management. HR Advisers are available to provide advice and guidance on stress and are well placed to make links with other support providers such as the Counselling Service or Occupational Health. All consulations and discussions are in strict confidence. HR also provide stress management training - the training is open to all staff and provides advice and guidance on how the University monitors stress and how individuals can manage their own stress. A course overview can be viewed here. HR can also help you carry out a stress risk assessment at individual or team level. For further information on risk assessments or to book a course please contact: Gordon Robertson Email: Tel: 01224 (27)3692


HR also has a small stock of the 'Steps for Stress' and 'Coping With Stress' booklets - these are free and can be collected from Room HR 124, University Office. The booklets are also provided with the training courses. Alternatively you can download electronic copies here:

University Counselling Service

Work-related stress and a poor work/life balance can have an adverse affect on your mental health and well-being. The University's Counselling Service offers staff free, confidential counselling on issues of a personal or professional nature which are causing distress and inhibiting effectiveness at work or in an individual's personal life. You do not have to be in crisis to use counselling. Some people want to talk about an issue or problem of long standing; others come because a recent event or issue has caused distress. The counselling service produces a well-being review, which highlights mental health issues including stress. For more information about the Counselling Service please visit their website:

Occupational Health Service

The occupational health service for the University is provided by NHS Grampian Occupational Health Service. All staff are entitled to consult the service for advice on health matters. While you are encouraged to discuss any health problems relating to your work in the first instance with your line manager, you may wish to consult the occupational health service for medical advice and assistance if you are concerned that some aspect of your job is making you ill or if you feel that you cannot perform at work to the best of your ability because of a health problem.

The service is staffed by occupational health physicians and advisers. All consultations are in strict medical confidence. If you choose to consult the service then details of discussions will not be supplied to the University or to any other person without your consent.

NHS Grampian Occupational Health Service is based at Foresterhill Lea on the Foresterhill site. Consultations are by appointment at Foresterhill Lea and also at Taylor E Building in the High Street in Old Aberdeen (next to the Old Brewery).

To make an appointment call NHS Grampian Occupational Health Service on 01224-553663. 

Mental Health & Stress Resources