Our health and well-being can be greatly influenced by the environment in which we live. It can be seen directly in the quality of the air that we breathe, and the green space we preserve for recreational activities. You can also gain personal benefits from taking care of the environment. Activities like walking or cycling to work not only help to preserve our environment by cutting back on vehicle emissions but also help to keep you fit and healthy.

The Environment Office runs various promotional and awareness raising activities to help the University community maintain the environment and make the University as a whole more sustainable.

To find out more about the Environment Office and their "able" campaign visit their website: www.abdn.ac.uk/environment

Useful Resources

Environment Policy: www.abdn.ac.uk/estates/environment/resources/documents/2011-Policy-Enviro-FINAL_000.pdf

Newsletters: www.abdn.ac.uk/estates/environment/resources/readable.php

Promotional Material: www.abdn.ac.uk/estates/environment/resources/promotional.php

Reports: www.abdn.ac.uk/estates/environment/resources/reports.php

Guide to the Environment Office - For information on environmental topics, to be provided at the induction stage please refer to the following guide.

Guideable - An environmental manual for new starts at the University illustrating what you can do and where to go for help

Guide to Greening your office - A document which highlights to the reader little changes that you can make to enable a more sustainable working environment

Guide to Office clearances or moves - A useful document if you're planning an office move or leaving the University

Guide to Organising a Sustainable Event - A checklist document that allows you to consider all aspects of sustainability when organising an event.

Guide to Waste Management - A quick reference guide that outlines briefly the principles behind sustainable waste management and how it is applicable at the University.