Andrea Teti


Director, Centre for Global Security & Governance

Fellow, Centre for Civil Society & Rule of Law

Lecturer, Department of Politics and IR
University of Aberdeen
Edward Wright Building
Dunbar St., Aberdeen AB24 3QY
Tel.: +44 (0)7586481519

Research Interests & Areas of Supervision

  • Democratization (especially UK, EU, and INGO programmes)
  • Political Theory (Foucault, Deleuze, Debord, Constructivism)
  • Middle Eastern politics (international relations of the Middle East, political & economic liberalisation, civil society, labour movements, democratisation, foreign policies of major powers)
  • Politics of Knowledge Production (Social Science, Disciplines & Area Studies, Democracy Promotion)
  • Italian Politics (elections, corruption, social movements)

Current Research

My primary area of research is the politics of democracy in the Middle East – particularly EU democracy-promotion programmes in the 'Mediterranean Neighbourhood' – and in democratization theory.

I'm interested in labour movements and civil society in Egypt, as well as political parties and elections. With Gennaro Gervasio, I examine the authoritarian practices of the Egyptian state, the techniques used to empty the state's democratic facade, and the forms of democratic resistance across the political spectrum.

I also work on how knowledge is produced, translated into policy, and applied. This is the core focus of the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Violence cluster, of which I am co-director. In IR, I've published on the poltics of knowledge production, particularly the normalisation of Constructivism in IR (with Nik Hynek), and on the difficulties and disciplinary effects of 'interdisciplinarity' between IR and Middle East Studies.


Book Chapters

Other Specialist Publications

Reports and Commissioned Research

  • (2012) with Gennaro Gervasio "Egypt's Presidential Elections," IE Mediterranean Observatory, n. 94, July 2012
  • (2012) "Egypt's Uprising One Year On," ECIA Briefing, 10/2
  • (2011) with Gennaro Gervasio “Egypt’s Second January Uprising: Causes and Consequences of a would-be Revolution”, Mediterranean Yearbook 2011
  • (2011) "Political Parties and Movements in Post-Revolutionary Egypt", ISPI Working Papers, n. 42, October 2011
  • (2011) “Saudi Arabia and the Challenge of GCC Expansion”, ECIA Briefing, 14/05
  • (2011) “Bahrain: Roots and Implications of the uprising”, ECIA Policy Paper, April
  • (2011) “Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum”, ECIA Briefing, 20/03

Other Specialist Publications

Comments and Media

Andrea has appeared on Al-Jazeera, Canda's CBC, the BBC, France24, Deutsche Welle, Australia's SBS, KPFK Pacifica, and other international outlets. He also works regularly with regional and national media including BBC Scotland, ITV Scotland, BBC Wales, The Scotsman and various local radios and press.

The following is a selection of recent appearances:

Research Students

Hanifi Baris (CISRUL), Anna Grudzinska (CISRUL), Sarah Hynek (RGG), Stuart Maltman (IDAV), Chris Noble, Darcy Thompson (IDAV), Kandida Purnell (IDAV), Alessandro Rippa, Ulisses Terto-Pereira (CISRUL), Manal El-Shihry.

Former PhD Students: Abderrazek Ben Rejeb (2013), Samantha May (AHRC-funded, 2011)

Research Grants

  • 2009-10 Carnegie Trust: "Paradoxes of Western Democracy-promotion in the Middle East: Conceptions of Democracy in Donors and Recipients"
  • 2008-09 Agence Nationale pour la Recherche, Role: UK Co-Investigator: “L’essor de la «société civile» dans le monde musulman”; PIs: A. Bozzo (Rome III), P-J. Luizard (CNRS)
  • 2009-13 University of Aberdeen, College of Arts & Social Science (RPAS), Co-Director Interdisciplinary Approaches to Violence programme