DT Study Support Fund

DT Study Support Fund

Each year alumni and friends of the University donate thousands of pounds in support of individuals and groups of undergraduate students undertaking research trips relating to their degree courses. Financial support may include travel, living and equipment expenses.

For further information and how to apply, please contact the relevant person below: 

School of Divinity, History & Philosophy – Mrs Kate Smith, email: k.a.smith@abdn.ac.uk

School of Education – Dr Carol Hickman, email: carol.hickman@abdn.ac.uk

School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture – Dr Jonathan Cameron, email: jon.cameron@abdn.ac.uk

School of Law – Clare Fletcher, email: clarefletcher@abdn.ac.uk

School of Social Sciences – Mrs Pam Thomson, email: pam.thomson@abdn.ac.uk

School of Biological Sciences - Melanie McCann, email: m.mccann@abdn.ac.uk

School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition - Sarah Duncan, email: sarah_duncan@abdn.ac.uk

School of Psychology - Mrs Rhona Moore, email: r.moore@abdn.ac.uk

School of Engineering - Mrs Joyce Clark, email: joyce.clark@abdn.ac.uk

School of Geosciences - Mrs Ann Simpson, email: a.simpson@abdn.ac.uk

School of Natural & Computing Science - Ms Julie Timms, email: julie.timms@abdn.ac.uk

Business School - Mrs Fiona Ritchie, email: f.ritchie@abdn.ac.uk