The Library

The Library

The Sir Duncan Rice Library houses the largest of the University's modern collections, including Arts, Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences, as well as its historic collections of rare books, manuscripts and archives. There are also Seminar and Learning rooms which provide visitors of all ages with dedicated spaces to learn more about the collections through seminars, workshops and educational activities.

Special Collections

The University’s Special Libraries and Archives provide a unique and internationally significant range of printed, archival and other documentary sources for the benefit of researchers and others with an interest in these historic treasures.

A main role of the University’s £57 million Sir Duncan Rice Library is to provide ideal conditions to showcase these priceless items, and make them more accessible to students, researchers, and to the wider public through exhibitions, readings and other public events. 

This will also be supported by a new Glucksman Conservation Centre adjacent to the library which will make the University a centre of excellence in the preservation of nationally and internationally significant historic documents.

Find out more about the Library and its Special Collections.

Learning & Outreach

With The Sir Duncan Rice Library providing such an excellent facility in the heart of Aberdeen, the University is committed to sharing its wide range of historically significant collections and enabling learning opportunities for all. We are committed to providing a facility that benefits the entire community and have, therefore, developed a plan to fully engage individuals of all ages through a Learning and Outreach Programme.

We need your support to fully develop our Learning and Outreach Programme to ensure that as many people as possible, from school children to community groups, are able to benefit from the rich heritage of the University.