Kings College Campus

Kings College Campus

The University is undertaking a programme of conservation to protect and promote its unique Renaissance heritage.

The University of Aberdeen was founded in 1495 and much of the original King’s College, dating from this time, still stands today; a famous and historic landmark beloved by generations of students, staff and local people who are inspired by these fine examples of medieval and Renaissance craftwork.

Many of the buildings and structures around campus are classed as historically-significant and the conservation of the area, therefore, requires highly specialised work, using sensitive and traditional techniques to restore the work of Scotland’s finest stonemasons and craftspeople. We aim to safeguard the skilled work that has been undertaken over five centuries for the benefit of future generations.

We are committed to preserving our heritage, not only for the benefit of the University and its students and staff, but also to ensure that we continue providing the City of Aberdeen and the whole of the North East, with an historic legacy that everyone can be proud of.

In recent years the restoration of Powis Gate and the Old Town House, and the unique conservation project undertaken on the magnificent Crown Tower atop King’s College Chapel, were all enabled thanks to the generosity of many donors. And we still have an ongoing need to develop a number of other vitally important restoration projects.

Your support will enable us to continue with the conservation of King’s College Campus.