Scholarships have a significant impact on the daily lives of students, benefitting their studies and their whole university experience in so many ways – so much so that it very often makes the difference between someone being able to study and realise their dream or not.

Undergraduate scholarships reward talent and help widen access to university while postgraduate scholarships provide financial support to students who have already demonstrated excellence in their chosen field. We currently have a particular need for PhD scholarships which provide students with the opportunity to drive forward independent, original, globally-important research. 

We need your support to offer scholarships for all the courses we provide from Accountancy to Zoology and from Medicine to Music.

We also aim to provide a wider student experience that is second to none while creating a lively sense of community and belonging. To enable us to deliver the highest quality learning experience there is an urgent need for funding to support the very best activities and services.

Your support of scholarships and student experience will not only enable us to invest in the future of students and in the future of the University, but also provides you with the opportunity to invest in future talent within your industry.

If you create a scholarship you will:-

  • be able to name it as you wish
  • receive updates and an end of year report from your scholar(s)
  • be invited to an annual Scholars’ Reception where you will get the opportunity to meet your scholar(s)
  • have the opportunity to mentor your scholar(s)
  • help to achieve CSR goals while making a positive impact on your local community
  • invest in the future of your business and your industry
  • have the opportunity to recruit highly skilled, academically excellent candidates for placements or job opportunities

If you wish to discuss support of scholarships and student experience please contact us.