How To Leave A Gift In Your Will

How To Leave A Gift In Your Will

2 fencing studentsEvery gift in every Will makes a difference.  We are extremely grateful for every gift we receive.  Whether you decide to leave a cash gift, specific item or percentage of your estate after your loved ones have been taken care of, we would like to say thank you.

Leaving a gift in your Will to the University could not be easier.  Here are the various ways you may want to consider:

A gift that provides for your loved ones first
This gift is known as a reversionary legacy and will provide for your loved ones first and then benefit the University.  The gift will only come to the University after your loved ones have been taken care of and have subsequently passed away.

A share of your estate
Known as a residuary legacy this is a percentage of what remains after all other gifts and expenses have been made.  This is a good way to make sure your gift won’t be affected by inflation.  The value of the gift will change in line with the value of your estate so you are less likely to have to change your Will in the future.

A cash gift
Known as a pecuniary legacy this is a gift of a fixed sum of money.  Inflation can reduce the value over time, however, you can arrange for the fixed amount to increase in line with inflation.

A specific item
If you have valuable possessions such as a property, antiques or stocks and shares then you can leave these to the University as a gift in kind.

What if I already have a Will in place?

If you have already made a Will and would like to update or amend it to include the University of Aberdeen Development Trust, please contact Vanessa Holmes, Development Officer for Legacy Giving on +44(0)1224 274132 or at to request a codicil form, to complete and take to your solicitor.