Suleman's Story

Suleman Jehangir, Medicine 2020

"Being awarded a scholarship has allowed me to leave my home in Glasgow, and move to Aberdeen to study the course of my dreams, Medicine. My dad is disabled, and my mother takes care of him every day. With neither of my parents working, and solely relying on the governments benefits, it has been tough for us; my mum and dad, and my four siblings. But when I got into Medicine, it was the biggest smile I have ever seen on my parents’ faces and there were many tears of joy. Soon after, the team informed us that I would be receiving a full Robertson Trust Scholarship for the next five years. We were overwhelmed with joy. 

This support has allowed me to not worry about rent, bills, groceries and books, and I have been able to focus on my studies - which are going great so far!  Recently I had a practice exam on the 'Basics of Science and Medicine' and I achieved 97%. I was also elected as the class representative for 170 first year students. I will meet monthly with the Student Liaison Committee where I give feedback on our experiences so far. 

I have absolutely loved being at university; something I wouldn't be able to do had it not been for my scholarship. Overall, I am very fortunate and grateful for this as I have massively benefited from being part of this. It has allowed me to chase my dreams of becoming the best possible doctor I can be."