Christmas Appeal 2020

Christmas Appeal 2020

Students need your help this Christmas


Sadly, many of us are facing Christmas apart this year. And for some students, circumstances mean they will be staying in halls, alone, over the festive period. Many are unable to return home due to travel restrictions or because they have family members with vulnerable health.

The University is taking steps to ensure that they will be well supported, but for many it will be the first time they have spent Christmas alone. On top of this, other students worry about how they will be able to continue their studies without normal access to the Library and the essential books on their reading lists. 

In response, we have launched two fundraising appeals this Christmas to support our students even further. You can bring hope to students in this difficult time. The Aberdeen family has already shown its strength this year, and with your help students will continue to get the support they need to have the best experience possible this Christmas.

Student welfare is of paramount importance and all students staying in halls will receive clear advice on staying safe and will be well supported. However, you can help students make the most of this Christmas, with a donation to the Christmas Food Box Appeal**. Your donation will help provide a food box so that students staying in halls can have the best experience possible in these difficult circumstances. You can also leave a message of hope and well wishes to help them through this festive period. Your kindness will mean the world to those who are facing spending this Christmas alone.

Or to ensure that learning is not impacted in the long term, you can give the gift of knowledge to the Digital Library Resource Appeal. An overwhelming number of students are now accessing the essential books and journals on their reading lists through our digital library. But very high prices mean that students can’t choose from a full range of e-books and other publications.  Restrictions on the use of these books can also mean that many students are unable to access the most popular titles when they need to. We simply can’t cover the cost of all the digital copies and licences needed.

But you can give a gift that will last a lifetime. By donating to the Digital Library Christmas Appeal, you can help provide a student with access to the e-books they need. The Library has been supporting students with online access to the resources they need to complete their studies. During this term alone, hundreds of new e-books have been accessed thousands of times by students across 250 different courses. Simon Bains, University Librarian and Head of Library Services says: "The Covid-19 pandemic is not stopping knowledge discovery and the pursuit of learning; but our resources are limited, and many students can’t access the titles they require. We would love to be able to purchase e-books directly in response to student requests, so that no student misses out on their required reading, but we can only do that with your kind support."

 "Especially in light of Covid-19, I have found the Library's digital sources absolutely invaluable. I have been able to access course texts and research materials while studying remotely. As a result, I feel fully equipped to tackle my courses without worrying about where to find resources." - Jordan, 2nd year Divinity student 

Your gift to the Digital Library Christmas Appeal would make the world of difference to a student like Jordan and his studies. It would allow more students than ever to access books and knowledge from a safe environment. The average cost of an e-book is £150, but your gift of any size would help to expand the current collection and ensure that Covid-19 doesn’t impact on learning further.

Your gift - no matter what size - will help ensure students have the best experience possible in these difficult times.


**Thank you to everyone who donated to the Christmas Food Box Appeal, your generosity has helped to ensure that all students staying in halls can recieve a festive food hamper, and so we have closed this fund. If you still wish to help a student in need this Christmas, the Digital Library Resources Appeal is still open for donations**

Thank you.