Aberdeen Humanities Fund

Aberdeen Humanities Fund

The University of Aberdeen’s historic collections of books, manuscripts, artworks and museum objects contain some of the nation’s most priceless treasures. They are part of our cultural heritage and inform the University’s leading research in humanities.                               

Now the University needs the help of its friends and supporters to understand these remarkable collections more fully than ever before. With the opening of the new, landmark, Sir Duncan Rice Library we have the chance to conduct innovative, creative research into these precious resources and – at the same time –  bring the collections to new audiences. 

Brought together over the course of 500 years, the breadth and excellence of Aberdeen’s collections is truly remarkable. Due to the collections’ sheer scale, researchers are still only beginning to comprehend the full potential of these amazing materials: with your help we can make the most of Aberdeen’s scholarly riches. 

Supporters can choose to make contributions towards a wide range of initiatives which the Aberdeen Humanities Fund aims to support. Potential examples include: 

  • Public lecture series
  • Supporting publication based on our collections
  • Digitisation of significant holdings to open them up to a global audience
  • Visiting research fellowships to bring world-leading academics to Aberdeen to study our collections
  • Travel funds for researchers to visit complementary collections elsewhere
  • Postgraduate studentships to enable new researchers to begin their careers 

The types of projects which will be supported will, in part, be influenced by the partnerships the Fund establishes with supporters. This means the list above is in no way exhaustive and if you have an interest in supporting research in a particular field we would be pleased to discuss this with you. Researchers who could receive support from the Fund are drawn from disciplines as diverse as Archaeology and Music and innovative projects which bridge disciplinary boundaries will also be actively encouraged. 

With the help of our friends, the University’s world-class researchers will be supported by the Fund to enrich our knowledge of our heritage and to present it to the widest selection of audiences. 

If you would like to hear more about this exciting project or to find out how you can become involved, please contact Graeme Benvie, Development Officer on (01224) 272 012 or by email at g.benvie@abdn.ac.uk.