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  • Sprenger, M., Tetzlaff, D., Buttle, J., Carey, SK., McNamara, JP., Laudon, H., Shatilla, NJ. & Soulsby, C. (2018). 'Storage, mixing and fluxes of water in the critical zone across northern environments inferred by stable isotopes of soil water'. Hydrological Processes, vol 32, no. 12, pp. 1720-1737.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1002/hyp.13135
  • Sprenger, M., Tetzlaff, D., Buttle, J., Laudon, H., Leistert, H., Mitchell, C., Snelgrove, J., Weiler, M. & Soulsby, C. (2018). 'Measuring and Modeling Stable Isotopes of Mobile and Bulk Soil Water'. Vadose zone journal, vol 17, no. 1, pp. 1-18.
    [Online] DOI: 10.2136/vzj2017.08.0149
    [Online] AURA: vzj_17_1_170149.pdf
  • Soulsby, C., Braun, H., Sprenger, M., Weiler, M. & Tetzlaff, D. (2017). 'Influence of forest and shrub canopies on precipitation partitioning and isotopic signatures'. Hydrological Processes, vol 31, no. 24, pp. 4282-4296.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1002/hyp.11351
  • Sprenger, M., Tetzlaff, D. & Soulsby, C. (2017). 'Soil water stable isotopes reveal evaporation dynamics at the soil–plant–atmosphere interface of the critical zone'. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, vol 21, no. 7, pp. 3839-3858.
    [Online] DOI: 10.5194/hess-21-3839-2017
    [Online] AURA: Soil_water_stable_isotopes_reveal_evaporation_dynamics_at_th...
  • Angermann, L., Jackisch, C., Allroggen, N., Sprenger, M., Zehe, E., Tronicke, J., Weiler, M. & Blume, T. (2017). 'Form and function in hillslope hydrology: Characterization of subsurface ow based on response observations'. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, vol 21, no. 7, pp. 3727-3748.
    [Online] DOI: 10.5194/hess-21-3727-201710.5194/hess-2016-189
    [Online] AURA: hess_21_3727_2017.pdf
  • Jackisch, C., Angermann, L., Allroggen, N., Sprenger, M., Blume, T., Tronicke, J. & Zehe, E. (2017). 'Form and function in hillslope hydrology: in situ imaging and characterization of flow-relevant structures'. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, vol 21, no. 7, pp. 3749-3775.
    [Online] DOI: 10.5194/hess-21-3749-2017
    [Online] AURA: hess_21_3749_2017.pdf
  • Sprenger, M., Tetzlaff, D. & Soulsby, C. (2017). 'No influence of CO2 on stable isotope analyses of soil waters with OA-ICOS'. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, vol 31, no. 5, pp. 430-436.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1002/rcm.7815
    [Online] AURA: Sprenger_et_al_2017_Rapid_Communications_in_Mass_Spectrometr...
  • Sprenger, M., Tetzlaff, D., Tunaley, C., Dick, J. & Soulsby, C. (2017). 'Evaporation fractionation in a peatland drainage network affects stream water isotope composition'. Water Resources Research, vol 53, no. 1, pp. 851-866.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1002/2016WR019258
    [Online] AURA: Sprenger_et_al_2017_Water_Resources_Research.pdf
  • Sprenger, M., Leistert, H., Gimbel, K. & Weiler, M. (2016). 'Illuminating hydrological processes at the soil-vegetation-atmosphere interface with water stable isotopes'. Reviews of Geophysics, vol 54, no. 3, pp. 674–704.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1002/2015RG000515
    [Online] AURA: Sprenger_et_al_2016_Reviews_of_Geophysics.pdf.crdownload
    [Online] AURA: Sprenger_et_al_2016_Reviews_of_Geophysics.pdf
  • Sprenger, M., Seeger, S., Blume, T. & Weiler, M. (2016). 'Travel times in the vadose zone: Variability in space and time'. Water Resources Research, vol 52, no. 8, pp. 5727–5754.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1002/2015WR018077
    [Online] AURA: Sprenger_et_al_2016_Water_Resources_Research.pdf
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