Dr Malcolm Hole

Dr Malcolm Hole

Senior Lecturer

Dr Malcolm Hole
Dr Malcolm Hole

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 273434


Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Research Interests

  • Mineralogy
  • Alkaline Volcanism
  • Volcanology
  • Volcanic Stratigraphy
  • Geology of Scotland

Current Research

Stratigraphy and volcanology of Large Igneous Provinces.

  • Faeroe Islands stratigraphy and palaeoenvironments.
  • Magmatism associated with Gondwana fragmentation
  • 3-D architecture of basaltic lava fields
  • Subsurface geophysical expressions of lava fields

Mantle Melting and peridotite-pyroxenite sources of magmas

  • Phase equilibria of peridotite melting
  • Phase equlibira of pyroxenite melting
  • Fingerprinting pyroxenite and peridotite-sourced magmas

Teaching Responsibilities

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Undergraduate Programme Coordinator.

Course coordinator

  • GL1005 Earth Through Geological Time
  • GL3029 Petroleum Geology & Reservoir Characterization
  • GL3030 Volcanology
  • GL3508 Dissertation

Course Tutor

  • GL2510 Field & Mapping Techniques
  • GL3520 Igneous & Metamoprhic Petrology
  • GL4023 Geological Mapping Project
  • GL5058 Petrological Applications to Geological Problem
Further Info

Admin Responsibilities

  • Geoscience Representative, Qualityy Assurance Committee
  • Convenor Staff-Student Liaison Committe
  • Undergraduate Programme Coordiantor, Geology-Petroleum Geology
  • Institutional Team - Developing and Supporting the Curriculum


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  • Herodotou, C, Muirhead, DK, Aristeidou, M, Hole, MJ, Kelley, S, Scanlon, E & Duffy, M 2018, 'Blended and online learning: a comparative study of virtual microscopy in Higher Education ', Interactive Learning Environments. [Online] DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/10494820.2018.1552874
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