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2016: PhDDepartment of Physical Geography, Stockholm University, Sweden. "Modeling long-term variability and change of soil moisture and groundwater level - from catchment to global scale"

2010-2012: Environmental Engineer in Consulting (Switzerland) and NGO (Benin).

2010: Msc. Environmental Engineering, Minor in "Soils, Water and Ecosystems". Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.

2008: Bsc. Environmental EngineeringEcole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.





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Contributions to Journals


  • Lv, Y., Gao, L., Geris, J., Verrot, L. & Peng, X. (2018). 'Assessment of water sources and their contributions to streamflow by endmember mixing analysis in a subtropical mixed agricultural catchment'. Agricultural water management, vol 203, pp. 411-422.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1016/j.agwat.2018.03.013
  • Berry, ZC., Evaristo, J., Moore, G., Poca, M., Steppe, K., Verrot, L., Asbjornsen, H., Borma, LS., Bretfeld, M., Hervé-Fernández, P., Seyfried, M., Schwendenmann, L., Sinacore, K., De Wispelaere, L. & McDonnell, J. (2018). 'The two water worlds hypothesis: Addressing multiple working hypotheses and proposing a way forward'. Ecohydrology, vol 11, no. 3, e1843.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1002/eco.1843
  • Verrot, L. & Destouni, G. (2016). 'Data-model comparison of temporal variability in long-term time series of large-scale soil moisture'. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, vol 121, no. 17, pp. 10,056–10,073.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1002/2016JD025209
    [Online] AURA: Verrot_et_al_2016_Journal_of_Geophysical_Research_Atmosphere...
  • Verrot, L. & Destouni, G. 'Worldwide soil moisture changes driven by future hydro-climatic change scenarios'. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussion.
    [Online] DOI: 10.5194/hess-2016-165
    [Online] AURA: hess_2016_165.pdf
  • Verrot, L. & Destouni, G. (2015). 'Screening variability and change of soil moisture under wide-ranging climate conditions: Snow dynamics effects'. Ambio, vol 44, no. Suppl. 1, pp. 6-16.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1007/​s13280-014-0583-y
    [Online] AURA: art_3A10.1007_2Fs13280_014_0583_y.pdf
  • Destouni, G. & Verrot, L. (2014). 'Screening long-term variability and change of soil moisture in a changing climate'. Journal of Hydrology, vol 516, pp. 131-139.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2014.01.059
    [Online] AURA: 1_s2.0_S002216941400081X_main.pdf

Contributions to Conferences


  • Verrot, L. & Destouni, G. (2016). 'Analytical framework for screening long-time and large-scale soil moisture variability and its comparison with GRACE satellite data'. EGU General Assembly 2016, Vienna, Austria, 17/04/16 - 22/04/16,.
  • Verrot, L. & Destouni, G. (2016). 'Quantifying future changes affecting dry and wet states of soil moisture'. EGU General Assembly 2016, Vienna, Austria, 17/04/16 - 22/04/16,.
  • Destouni, G. & Verrot, L. (2016). 'Variability and change of large-scale soil moisture in tropical catchments: data-model comparison and future change scenarios'. Chapman AGU 2016, Cuenca, Ecuador, 5/06/16 - 9/06/16,.
  • Destouni, G. & Verrot, L. (2015). 'Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Large-Scale Soil Moisture, its Temporal Variability and Associated Drought-Flood Risks'. AGU General assembly, San Francisco, United States, 14/12/15 - 18/12/15,.
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