Dr Lorna Philip

Dr Lorna Philip
MA, PhD (Glas)

Senior Lecturer

Dr Lorna Philip
Dr Lorna Philip

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 272358
The University of Aberdeen G21 St. Mary's Kings College Old Aberdeen AB24 3UE Scotland


  • MA (Social Science) with First Class Honours in Geography (Glasgow) 1993.
  • PhD (Glasgow) 2000.
  • 1997-1998. Research Assistant, Land Economy, University of Aberdeen.
  • 1998-2004. Lecturer, Land Economy, University of Aberdeen.
  • 2004 – 2007. Lecturer, Geography and Environment, University of Aberdeen.
  • 2007 - date. Senior Lecturer, Geography and Environment, University of Aberdeen
  • 2016 - date.  Depute Head of School of Geosciences

Research Interests

My main area of research interest is rural socio-economic change.  I have published conceptual and empirical papers about rural social exclusion, population change and ageing in rural communities and digital divides.  I have completed research on these topics funded by UK Research Councils and Government Deparments.  

I have supervised seven doctoral candiatews to successful completion of their PhD thesis and am currently supervising three PhD students.

Current Research

I am currently leading a a 3 year research project examining the long term impacts of flooding on rural communities funded by Scotland's Centre for Research Excellence in Water (CREW).

I have recently compelted work on three interdisiplinary research projects funded through the University of Aberdeen's RCUK dot.rural research hub: Technologies to support Older people at home:  maximising Personal and Social interaction - TOPS; 'Two Speed Britian' -a dot.rural - Oxford Internet Institute collaboration using data from the 2013 Oxford Internet Survey; and RuralPAWS, a project which adressed digial exclusion in a remote rural case study community.

Research Grants

Current funded research  

Assessing the impacts on people and communities following the Decembet 2015 / January 2016 flood events.  Project funded by CREW, Scotland's Centre of Expertise for Waters.  Grant Value £200,000 (split 50:50 between University of Aberdeen and the James Hutton Institute) (December 2016 - November 2019)


Recently completed funded research

RuralPAWS Project funded by the RCUK Rural Digital Economy Hub, dot.rural.  Grant value £260,000.  (October 2013 - September 2015)

Oxford Internet Survey Project funded by the RCUK Rural Digital Economy Hub, dot.rural.  Grant value £150,000.  (December 2013 - March 2015)

Technologies to support Older people at home: maximising Personal and Social interaction – TOPS  Project funded by the RCUK Rural Digital Economy Hub, dot.rural.  Grant value £152,000.  (December 2010 - March 2013) 

The Retirement Transition and the Celtic Fringe:  Mobility Trends and Migrant and Rural Community Well Being Project funded by the ESRC.  Grant value £266,499.40.  (Dec 2008 – May 2011)

Policy Grid 2 Project funded by the ESRC Grant value £885,486.21.  Three year project. (May 2009 – August 2012)


Teaching Responsibilities

I have teaching commitments at all levels of the undergradaute Geography curriculum.  My current teaching activities include contributions to 1st year Global Worlds:  Local Challenges and 2nd year Space, Economy and Society.  I teach half of the compulsory Level 3 Research Design and Methods and contribute to Level 3 Data Analysis and Concepts in Human Geography.  I deliver half of a specialist Level 4 Honours Option course and lead the Honours Human Geography Fieldtrip to Boston, USA.  As well as supervising undergradaute and taught post-graduate dissertations I am the undergraduate dissertation co-ordinator.

Further Info

External Responsibilities

Aberdeen University representative on the Board of the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences ESRC Doctoral Training Centre, 2013 to date

External examiner, University of Newcastle, MSc Food and Rural Development, 2016 to date


Recently demitted external responsibilities

Co-editor of Scottish Geographical Journal, 2010-2016

External examiner, University of the Highlands and Islands, MSc Sustainable Rural Development, 2009-2015

Admin Responsibilities

Depute Head of the School of Geosciences

Depute Lay Convenor, University of Aberdeen Ethical Review Body

Member, University of Aberdeen Advisory Group on Equality and Diversity

Member, University of Aberdeen Advisory Group Research Ethics and Governance

University of Aberdeen representative on the Scottish ESRC - Doctoral Training Centre Human Geography Pathway



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Working Papers and Discussion Papers

Working Papers

  • Pangbourne, K., Philip, LJ., Pignotti, E. & Edwards, P. (2011). 'Some Researchers Do, Some Researchers Don’t: Reflections on Interdisciplinarity and Digital Social Research'. Social Science Research network.
    [Link] http://ssrn.com/abstract=1926685

Contributions to Journals


  • Philip, LJ. & MacLeod, M. (2018). 'Tales from a Small Island: Applying the ‘Path-Dependency’ Thesis to Explore Migration to a Remote Rural Community'. Sociologia Ruralis, vol 58, no. 1, pp. 147 - 170.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1111/soru.12142
  • Philip, L., Cottrill, C., Farrington, J., Williams, F. & Ashmore, F. (2017). 'The digital divide: patterns, policy and scenarios for connecting the ‘final few’ in rural communities across Great Britain'. Journal of Rural Studies, vol 54, pp. 386-398.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1016/j.jrurstud.2016.12.002
    [Online] AURA: The_digital_divide_Patterns_policy_and_scenarios_for_connect...
  • Williams, F., Philip, L., Farrington, J. & Fairhurst, G. (2016). 'Digital by Default’ and the ‘hard to reach’: Exploring solutions to digital exclusion in remote rural areas'. Local Economy, vol 31, no. 7, pp. 757-777.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1177/0269094216670938
    [Online] AURA: Local_Economy_2016_Williams_757_77.pdf
  • Philip, LJ., Townsend, L., Roberts, E. & Beel, D. (2015). 'Editorial: The Rural Digital Economy'. Scottish Geographical Journal, vol 131, no. 3-4, pp. 143-147.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1080/14702541.2015.1083732
    [Online] AURA: 14702541_2E2015_2E1083732.pdf
    [Link] http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/14702541.2015.1083732
  • Roberts, A., Philip, L., Currie, M. & Mort, A. (2015). 'Striking a balance between in-person care and the use of eHealth to support the older rural population with chronic pain'. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-Being , vol 10, 27536.
    [Online] DOI: 10.3402/qhw.v10.27536
    [Online] AURA: Paper_striking_the_balance.pdf
  • Currie, M., Philip, LJ. & Roberts, A. (2015). 'Attitudes towards the use and acceptance of eHealth technologies: a case study of older adults living with chronic pain and implications for rural healthcare'. BMC Health Services Research, vol 15, 162.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1186/s12913-015-0825-0
    [Online] AURA: s12913_015_0825_0.pdf
  • Philip, L., Roberts, A., Currie, M. & Mort, A. (2015). 'Technology for Older Adults: Maximising Personal and Social Interaction: Exploring Opportunities for eHealth to Support the Older Rural Population with Chronic Pain'. Scottish Geographical Journal, vol 131, no. 3-4, pp. 181-193.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1080/14702541.2014.978806
    [Online] AURA: 14702541_2E2014_2E978806.pdf
  • Philip, LJ., Cottrill, C. & Farrington, J. (2015). ''Two-speed' Scotland: patterns and implications of the digital divide in contemporary Scotland'. Scottish Geographical Journal, vol 131, no. 3-4, pp. 148-170.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1080/14702541.2015.1067327 .
    [Online] AURA: 14702541_2E2015_2E1067327.pdf
  • Edwards, P., Pignotti, E., Mellish, C., Eckhardt, A., Ponnamperuma, K., Bouttaz, T., Philip, L., Pangbourne, K., Polhill, G. & Gotts, N. (2014). 'Lessons learnt from the deployment of a semantic virtual research environment'. Web semantics: science, services and agents on the World Wide Web, vol 27-28, pp. 70-77.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1016/j.websem.2014.07.008
    [Online] AURA: WebSemantics.pdf
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