Dr Jean-Christophe Comte

Dr Jean-Christophe Comte
Dr Jean-Christophe Comte

Dr Jean-Christophe Comte

Hydrogeology, Groundwater modelling, Hydrogeophysics

Senior Lecturer

124 St. Mary's Building
Old Aberdeen Campus
Elphinstone Road
AB24 3UF

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  • 2019-present: Senior Lecturer in Hydrogeology, School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen
  • 2014-2019: Lecturer in Hydrogeology, School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen
  • 2014-2016: Visiting researcher, Queen's University Belfast
  • 2009-2014: Postdoctoral research fellow in Hydrogeology/Hydrogeophysics, School of Planning Architecture and Civil Engineering, Queen's University Belfast
  • 2008: PhD in Hydrogeology, University of Avignon 'Contribution of electrical resistivity tomography to variable-density groundwater flow modelling in coastal aquifers - Application to three contrasted climate settings (Canada, New Caledonia, Senegal)'
  • 2003-2009: Hydrogeologist consultant, HYDRIAD, Nimes
  • 2002-2003: DESS (MSc2) Hydrogeology, University of Avignon
  • 1998-2002: DEUG-Licence-Maitrise IUP (BSc, MSc1) Geological and Environmental Engineering, University Paul Sabatier Toulouse

External Memberships


Research Overview

  • Regional quantitative hydrogeology
  • Integrated approaches for aquifer characterisation and modelling
  • Application of geophysical methods for parameterisation and calibration of groundwater models 
  • Groundwater resources in complex hydrogeological environments, including coastal, insular, hard rock and volcanic aquifers
  • Sustainable management of fresh groundwater resources in coastal aquifer systems

Research Team

Research fellows (ongoing)

PhD students (ongoing)

  • Oluwaseun Olabode - The potential of managed aquifer recharge in Sub-saharan Africa
  • Hamish Johnson - Groundwater and nutrient dynamics in heterogeneous agricultural catchments
  • Yogendra Kumar - Quantifying fracture flow with the self-potential method
  • Jesus Mezquita - Hydrogeophysical approaches for characterising flow and storage in weathered/fractured aquifers
  • Joel Blackburn - Understanding stream-aquifer interactions and their influence on flow regimes and fluvial processes in a newly restored ephemeral stream

Recently completed PhD students (Aberdeen)

  • Samson Oiro - Impact of climate change and human activities on groundwater resources in the Nairobi and Tiwi aquifers: two strategic Kenyan aquifers under high pressure

Funding and Grants

  • GCRF/Scottish Funding Council Covid-19 Response Research Grant - COVID-19 and water security in the world's largest refugee camp: can groundwater development safely meet the increased water demand to fight COVID-19 in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh? (2020-2021). PI.
  • World Bank/AURECON applied research grant - Groundwater numerical modelling in support of strengthening of water resources planning, monitoring and management in Kenya (2018-2020). PI. 
  • AHRC/GCRF/University of Nottingham Research Grant - Kisima project: Historical and future groundwater well management on Kilwa Kisiwani island, Tanzania (2019-2020). Co-I. 
  • Royal Society Newton International Fellowship (Dr Andres Gonzalez Quiros) - Monitoring and coupled hydrogeophysical modelling of saltwater intrusion in heterogeneous coastal aquifers (2019-2021). 
  • NERC/DFID Research Grant [NE/S005943/1] - SHEAR Programme: Connect4 water resilience: connecting water resources, communities, drought and flood hazards, and governance across 4 countries in the Limpopo basin (2018-2020). PI.
  • NERC Urgency Grant [NE/R002568/1] - Extreme rainfall and floods in arid regions (Botswana): replenishment or contamination of water resources? (2017-2018). PI.
  • United Utilities Water/Environmental Agency applied research grant - Understanding stream-aquifer interactions and their influence on flow regimes and fluvial processes in a newly restored ephemeral stream (2017-2022). Co-PI.
  • Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Environment and Sustainability Research Grant [ESRG3/16] - East African groundwater resources under climatic and human pressure (2016-2017). PI.
  • Geological Survey of Ireland Research Grant [2015-SC-003] - Determining fractured bedrock aquifer parameters using Magnetic Resonance Sounding to better constrain numerical groundwater models in support of catchment scale water resource management (2016). Co-I.
  • Elphinstone Fund/Water Resources Management Authority of Kenya PhD Scholarship (Mr S. Oiro) - Comparative hydrogeology of the Nairobi volcanic suite aquifer and the Tiwi coastal aquifer (2015-2018).
  • NERC/DFID/ESRC Research Grant [NE/L001888/1] - UPGro Programme: Towards Groundwater security in coastal East Africa (2013-2014). PI.
  • EuropeAid/African Union Research Grant [EuropeAid/130-741/D/ACT/ACP] - Groundwater resource in basement rocks of Africa (2012-2015). Co-I.
  • Department of Employment and Learning Northern Ireland PhD Scholarship (Mr N. Dickson) - Incorporation of multi-scale hydrogeophysical datasets into numerical groundwater models (2012-2015).

Teaching Responsibilities

  • MSc Geophysics Programme Director
  • GL5059 Near surface and Environmental Geophysics (MSc Geophysics) - course coordinator
  • GG4071 Environmental Hydrology (BSc year 4) - lecturer
  • GG2510 Mapping and Monitoring the Environment (BSc year 2) - lecturer

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Hydrogeophysical model calibration and uncertainty analysis via full integration of PEST/PEST++ and COMSOL

    Gonzalez Quiros, A., Comte, J.
    Environmental Modelling and Software
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Cool deltas: Sedimentological, geomorphological and geophysical characterization of ice-contact deltas and implications for their reservoir properties (Salpausselk√§, Finland)

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  • The effect of typical geological heterogeneities on the performance of managed aquifer recharge: physical experiments and numerical simulations

    Wu, P., Shu, l., Comte, J., Zuo, Q., Wang, M., Li, F., Chen, H.
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  • A longer-term perspective on soil moisture, groundwater and stream flow response to the 2018 drought in an experimental catchment in the Scottish Highlands

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    Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings: Conference Proceedings
  • Quantification of groundwater storage heterogeneity in weathered/fractured basement rock aquifers using electrical resistivity tomography: sensitivity and uncertainty associated with petrophysical modelling

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  • Depletion of groundwater resources under rapid urbanisation in Africa: recent and future trends in the Nairobi Aquifer System, Kenya

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  • Relative importance of conceptual and computational errors when delineating saltwater intrusion from resistivity inverse models in heterogeneous coastal aquifers

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