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work +44 (0)1224 273479
The University of Aberdeen Room 103, Meston Building


  • 2017 - Senior Lecturer in Geophysics and Subsurface Geology-University of Aberdeen
  • 2011-2017 Lecturer in Geophysics-University of Aberdeen
  • 2010 -2011. Fixed term Lecturer- University of Aberdeen
  • 2008-2010  Research assistant (Deep water structures) - University of Aberdeen
  • 2007-2008  Research assistant (Industry funded) - Applied Geophysics group - University of Pisa
  • 2005-2007  Research assistant (Himalayan Project and CARG Project) - University of Pisa .
    2006- Visiting researcher U Autonoma Barcelona (Microstructure Analogue Modelling)
  • 2002-2005 PhD Student (tectonophysics/shear zone modeling) -University of Pisa 
  • 2002-2004 Visiting PhD student - Tectonophysic group- Mainz university.
  • 2001 Laurea in Earth Science - University of Pisa

Research Interests

  • Interpretation of seismic datasets, seismic image processing, structural and metamorphic geology
  • Seismic imaging of thrusts, faults, fractures and deformed rocks
  • Seismic intepretation of deep water structures and pre-salt reservoir (Campos/Mucuri)
  • Seal bypass seismic charecterization using time lapses data
  • Fabric and deformation analysis of ductile shear zones and basement tectonic


Numerous collaborations, recently: N.McArdle (Statoil), G.Paton (ffA), J.Kuchle & R.Alvarenga& K.Goldberg (UFRGS), P.Vannucchi (RHU), L.Jovine (U.Sao Paolo), Musumeci & Mazzarini (U.Pisa) J.Imber (Durham), I.Lecomte (University of Bergen), A. Bistacchi (Milano Bicocca)


Research Grants

-  PI-Structural evolution of the East Shetland Basin, North Sea.-PI D.Iacopini; co-I A.Hurst. RGD1302 Taqa Bratani 1/10/1130/09/12 22k

- PI-Deep water rift, Brasil project.  P.I :Iacopini, D. RGG074,  UFRGS/BG. 2012-2013. 26k

- co-I Integrating 4D Seismic Monitoring and CSEM Survey at The Sleipner Underground CO2 Storage Site. 2013-2016.  Niger Delta Development Corporation, PhD studentship (£59K).(co-I Bond, R.Stephenson co-I)

- co-I Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Anomalies of Niger Delta Sedimentary Basin 2011-2014. PhD studentship (£59K) (R.Stephenson co-PI)

- PI Using attribute analysis to enhance deformation signals in 4D seismic reflection data. 2014-2018- £53k Gazprom/intertek/Norgemltd Funded. PhD studentship.(co-I C.Bond, R.Butler)

- PI The seismic response of hydraulically-fractured, poorly-consolidated mudstone and sandstone- LPDA Funded Project.2017-2021 (co-I, Hurst, Healy and Lecomte (Bergen). 138k.

- co-I . Estudo geologico integrado da Formacao Mucuri, da Bacia do Espirito Santo- UFRGS/Shell. 2018-2019.


- British Council - EU eramsus Teaching exchange: Pisa University, Milano Bicocca 2013-2016. 2.5 k

-   University of Aberdeen Principal Excellence Fund (£ 1.2k)-2014

- University of Aberdeen H2020 support fund - 2.5 k- 2015



Teaching Responsibilities

Programme Director

Integrated Petroleum Geology  Msci

Course coordinator:

GL5011: Geophysics and Petrophysics (Msci IPG)

GL5527: Seismic reflection processing and quantitative interpretation (Msci Geophysics)

GL4529: Surface and Subsurface Digital Imaging (Bsc Petroleum Geology)




Further Info

External Responsibilities

External Examiner (PhD): Cardiff, Cagliari, Chieti, Stavanger.

Visiting Lecturer (Docente esterno)  2011- 2017  - University of Pisa . Course module: elementi di esplorazione petrolifera. Funded by Erasmus staff exchange.

Admin Responsibilities

Program Director of the Integrated Petroleum Geoscience Msc

SeisLab Manager

Erasmus and International exchange Department coordinator

PhD students

Current PhD Students :

- Roy Bonfa Pitrus Reconstruction and Analysis of the CO2 Plume Architecture and Reservoir Geometry of the Utsira Formation, Using 4D Survey Data from the Sleipner Field. 2013-2017.(with Bond C, and R.Stephenson)  Niger Delta Development Corporation, PhD studentship.

- Ali Jihad - Evolution of Seal bypass structures in the Loyal field using 4D seismic survey . (with Clare Bond) 2014-2017- Gazprom/intertek/Norgemltd Funded

-Cui Zihua -Seismic modelling of fluid pipe rock structures 2016-2019. (with I.Lecomte (Bergen) and J.Howell)- CSC (China Scholarship Council).

- Taiwo Olusoji - 2017-2020 Fold and thrust belts control of channel dynamics and submarine landslides-2017-2020 . with V.Maselli (Aberdeen).  PTDF Funded project

- co supervisor. - Daniele Maestrelli. 2014-2017 - Funded by Doctorate school, Universita di Pisa. (Sani, Bonini, Univ Florence).

-Pertiwi, Raisya Noor -2017-2021-The seismic response of hydraulically-fractured, poorly-consolidated mudstone and sandstone- LPDA Funded Project. (co-I, Hurst, Healy and Lecomte (Bergen))

Completed PhD students

Leonard Onuba- mapping of the basement lineament of the Cenozoic Niger Delta Basin using high-resolution aeromagnetic data 

Mentored Msci and PhD students visiting the SeisLab since 2013

- Renata Alvarenga (UFRGS, PhD BG funded) August-October 2013

- Fabrizio Cocco (PhD, Cagliari Univ) . Feb-May 2013

- Paolo Paradisi (Msci, Pisa univ). Feb-June 2013 (Erasmus Placement)

- Paolo Pace (PhD, Uni Chieti) Feb-May 2014

- Nawal De Freslon (Msci, Uni Strasbourg)- 2014.((Erasmus Placement)

- Daniele Maestrelli (PhD, Uni Pisa-Florence) April-July 2015(Erasmus Placement)

- A.Lapadat (PhD, Uni Durham) February 2015.

- Daniele Pavani (PhD, USP, Sao Paolo) September 2015

- S. DiStefano (PhD, Catania Univ) September-October 2015

- R. Garone (Msci- Pisa University) - 2017


Certificate of excellence in reviewing - Journal of Structural Geology  Elsevier 2014.



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Contributions to Journals


  • Maestrelli, D., Iacopini, D., Jihad, A., Bond, CE. & Bonini, M. 'Seismic and structural characterization of fluid escape pipes using 3D and partial stack seismic from the Loyal field (UK): A multiphase and repeated intrusive mechanism'. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol 88, pp. 489-510.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2017.08.016
  • Bitrus, PR., Iacopini, D. & Bond, CE. (2016). 'Defining the 3D geometry of thin shale units in the Sleipner reservoir using seismic attributes'. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol 78, pp. 405-425.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2016.09.020
    [Online] AURA: Manuscript_revised.pdf
  • Jovane, L., Picanco Figueiredo, J., Pavani Alves, D., Iacopini, D., Giorgioni, M., Vannucchi, P., Silva de Moura, D., Hilario Bezerra, F., Vital, H., Rios, I. & C.Molina, E. (2016). 'Seismostratigraphy of the Ceará Plateau: Clues to Decipher the Cenozoic Evolution of Brazilian Equatorial Margin'. Frontiers in Earth Science, vol 4, 90.
    [Online] DOI: 10.3389/feart.2016.00090
    [Online] AURA: feart_04_00090.pdf
  • Lapadat, A., Imber, J., Yielding, G., Iacopini, D., McCaffrey, KJW., Long, JJ. & Jones, RR. (2016). 'Occurence and development of folding related to normal faulting within a mechanically heterogeneous sedimentary sequence: a case study from Inner Moray Firth,Uk'. Special Publication - Geological Society of London, vol 439, pp. 1-22.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1144/SP439.18
    [Online] AURA: lapadatet_al._2016.pdf
  • Alvarenga, R., Kuchle, J., Iacopini, D., Ene, P., Scherer, C. & Goldberg, K. (2016). 'Reconhecimento e análise das fácies sísmicas nas sucessões rift das bacias de Campos e Santos'. Pesquisas em Geociências, vol 43, no. 3, pp. 325-341.
  • Iacopini, D., Butler, RWH., Purves, S., McArdle, N. & De Freslon, N. (2016). 'Exploring the seismic expression of fault zones in 3D seismic volumes'. Journal of Structural Geology, vol 89, pp. 54-73.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1016/j.jsg.2016.05.005
    [Online] AURA: SDZ_Iacetal_JSG2016_finadraft.pdf
  • Alvarenga, R., Iacopini, D., Kuchle, J., Scherer, C. & Goldberg, K. (2016). 'Seismic characteristics and distribution of hydrothermal vent complexes in the Cretaceous Offshore Rift Section of the Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil'. Marine and Petroleum Geology, vol 74, pp. 12-25.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2016.03.030
  • Pace, P., Scisciani, V., Calamita, F., Butler, RWH., Iacopini, D., Esestime, P. & Hodgson, N. (2015). 'Inversion structures in a foreland domain: Seismic examples from the Italian Adriatic Sea'. Interpretation, vol 3, no. 4, pp. SAA161-SAA176.
    [Online] DOI: 10.1190/INT-2015-0013.1
  • Iacopini, D., Butler, RWH. & Purves, S. (2015). 'Imaging thrust and fault zones using 3D seismic image processing techniques'. Rendiconti Online Societa Geologica Italiana, vol 22, pp. 112-114.
    [Link] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/282986400_Imaging_thrust_and_fault_zones_using_3D_seismic_image_processing_techniques
  • Ene, P., Kuchle, J., Alvarenga, R., Iacopini, D. & Goldberg, K. (2015). 'Half-Graben Complex Evolution: the Rift Section of Campos Basin Based on Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis'. Pesquisas em Geociências, vol 42, no. 1, pp. 45-59.
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