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Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 273479
The University of Aberdeen Room 103, Meston Building


  • 2017 - Senior Lecturer in Geophysics and Subsurface Geology-University of Aberdeen
  • 2011-2017 Lecturer in Geophysics-University of Aberdeen
  • 2010 -2011. Fixed term Lecturer- University of Aberdeen
  • 2008-2010  Research assistant (Deep water structures) - University of Aberdeen
  • 2007-2008  Research assistant (Industry funded) - Applied Geophysics group - University of Pisa
  • 2005-2007  Research assistant (Himalayan Project and CARG Project) - University of Pisa .
    2006- Visiting researcher U Autonoma Barcelona (Microstructure Analogue Modelling)
  • 2002-2005 PhD Student (tectonophysics/shear zone modeling) -University of Pisa 
  • 2002-2004 Visiting PhD student - Tectonophysic group- Mainz university.
  • 2001 Laurea in Earth Science - University of Pisa

Research Interests

  • Interpretation of seismic datasets, seismic image processing
  • Seismic imaging of thrusts, faults, fractures and deformed rocks
  • Marine Geology and marine depositional system (Brazilian Equatorial margin, Lebanon).
  • Seismic intepretation of deep water structures and pre-salt reservoir (Campos/Mucuri)
  • Seal bypass seismic charecterization using 3D seismic and time lapses data
  • Seismic characterization of CO2 Storage
  • Fabric and deformation analysis of ductile shear zones and basement tectonic


Numerous collaborations, recently: N.McArdle (Statoil), G.Paton (ffA), J.Kuchle & R.Alvarenga& K.Goldberg (UFRGS), P.Vannucchi, D. Chiarella (RHU), L.Jovine (U.Sao Paolo), Musumeci & Mazzarini (U.Pisa) J.Imber (Durham), I.Lecomte (University of Bergen), A. Bistacchi (Milano Bicocca), N.Cardozo (Stavanger), Scisciani (Chieti), Tavarnelli (Siena), V.Maselli (Halifax University); D.Oppo (Louisiana Univ).


Research Grants

-  PI-Structural evolution of the East Shetland Basin, North Sea.-PI D.Iacopini; co-I A.Hurst. RGD1302 Taqa Bratani 1/10/1130/09/12 22k

- PI-Deep water rift, Brasil project.  P.I :Iacopini, D. RGG074,  UFRGS/BG. 2012-2013. 26k

- co-I Integrating 4D Seismic Monitoring and CSEM Survey at The Sleipner Underground CO2 Storage Site. 2013-2016.  Niger Delta Development Corporation, PhD studentship (£59K).(co-I Bond, R.Stephenson co-I)

- co-I Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Anomalies of Niger Delta Sedimentary Basin 2011-2014. PhD studentship (£59K) (R.Stephenson co-PI)

- PI Using attribute analysis to enhance deformation signals in 4D seismic reflection data. 2014-2018- £53k Gazprom/intertek/Norgemltd Funded. PhD studentship.(co-I C.Bond, R.Butler)

- PI The seismic response of hydraulically-fractured, poorly-consolidated mudstone and sandstone- LPDA Funded Project.2017-2021 (co-I, Hurst, Healy and Lecomte (Bergen). 138k.

- co-I . Estudo geologico integrado da Formacao Mucuri, da Bacia do Espirito Santo- UFRGS/Shell. 2018-2019.


- British Council - EU eramsus Teaching exchange: Pisa University, Milano Bicocca 2013-2016. 2.5 k

-   University of Aberdeen Principal Excellence Fund (£ 1.2k)-2014

- University of Aberdeen H2020 support fund - 2.5 k- 2015



Teaching Responsibilities

Programme Director

Integrated Petroleum Geology  Msci

Course coordinator:

GL5011: Geophysics and Petrophysics (Msci IPG)

GL5527: Seismic reflection processing and quantitative interpretation (Msci Geophysics)

GL4529: Surface and Subsurface Digital Imaging (Bsc Petroleum Geology)




Further Info

External Responsibilities

External Examiner (PhD): Cardiff (2017), Cagliari (2016), Chieti (2017), Stavanger (2017), Heriot Watt 2018) , Trieste (2019).

Visiting Lecturer (Docente esterno)  2011- 2017  - University of Pisa . Course module: elementi di esplorazione petrolifera. Funded by Erasmus staff exchange.

Visiting Professor: USP (Sao Paolo) 2019.

Invited to run Short courses (3-4 days) in seismic interpretations and amplitude analysis: UFRGS (Porto Alegre, 2017); Universita di Milano Bicocca (2017), Universita di Napoli (2018), Universite Paris-Sorbonne (2019), USP (Sao Paolo, 2019).

Site Survey Evaluator (Marine Geophysics) for the SEP-IODP Panel. 2018

Admin Responsibilities

Program Director of the Integrated Petroleum Geoscience Msc

SeisLab Manager


PhD students

Current PhD Students :

- Ali Jihad - Evolution of Seal bypass structures in the Loyal field using 4D seismic survey . (with Clare Bond) 2014-2018- Gazprom/intertek/Norgemltd Funded

-Cui Zihua -Seismic modelling of fluid pipe rock structures 2016-2019. (Supervisor with I.Lecomte (Bergen) and J.Howell - CSC (China Scholarship Council).

- Taiwo Olusoji - 2017-2020 Fold and thrust belts control of channel dynamics and submarine landslides-2017-2020 . Supervisor with V.Maselli (Halifax Univ).  PTDF Funded project

-Pertiwi, Raisya Noor -2017-2021-The seismic response of hydraulically-fractured, poorly-consolidated mudstone and sandstone- LPDA Funded Project. (Supervisor, co-I, Hurst, Healy and Lecomte (Bergen))

- Mainul Kabir.  2018-2022.  Seismic characterization of the Neogene Unit, Lebanon Offshore. Supervisor with D.Oppo (Louisiana), A. Hartley

Completed PhD students

Daniele Maestrelli. 2014-2017 - Funded by Doctorate school, Universita di Pisa. (Sani, Bonini, Univ Florence) (as co supervisor)

Leonard Onuba- mapping of the basement lineament of the Cenozoic Niger Delta Basin using high-resolution aeromagnetic data 2012-2016. (Supervisor, with R.Stephenson).

- Roy Bonfa Pitrus Reconstruction and Analysis of the CO2 Plume Architecture and Reservoir Geometry of the Utsira Formation, Using 4D Survey Data from the Sleipner Field. 2013-2017.(Supervisor with C.Bond, R. Stephenson)

Completed Msc Research/Laurea magistrale

- Rosa Garone-(Pisa University)- Evolution of Neogene Deposits in the Brazilian Equatorial margin: A 3D Seismic Interpretation Approach. Laurea Magistrale (Msc Geophysics). Supervisor with V.Maselli (now Halifax Univ)

 Mentored Msci and PhD students visiting the SeisLab since 2013

- Renata Alvarenga (UFRGS, PhD BG funded) August-October 2013

- Fabrizio Cocco (PhD, Cagliari Univ) . Feb-May 2013

- Paolo Paradisi (Msci, Pisa univ). Feb-June 2013 (Erasmus Placement)

- Paolo Pace (PhD, Uni Chieti) Feb-May 2014

- Nawal De Freslon (Msci, Uni Strasbourg)- 2014.((Erasmus Placement)

- Daniele Maestrelli (PhD, Uni Pisa-Florence) April-July 2015(Erasmus Placement)

- A.Lapadat (PhD, Uni Durham) February 2015.

- Daniele Pavani (PhD, USP, Sao Paolo) September 2015

- S. DiStefano (PhD, Catania Univ) September-October 2015

- R. Garone (Msci- Pisa University) - 2017,2018.

- Marina Dottore Stagna (Msci -Napoli University) 2019

- Gerardo Alati (Msci- Napoli University) 2019


Certificate of excellence in reviewing - Journal of Structural Geology  Elsevier 2014.

Certificate of excellence in reviewing - Earth Science Review  Elsevier 2017.

Certificate of excellence in reviewing - Marine and Petroleum Geology  Elsevier 2018.