Dr Catriona Menzies

Dr Catriona Menzies

Lecturer (Scholarship)

Dr Catriona Menzies
Dr Catriona Menzies

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 273915


2004-2008: BSc hons Geosciences, University of St.Andrews

2008-2012: PhD Geochemistry, University of Southampton

2013-2018: Research and Teaching Fellow, University of Southampton

August 2018 - Present: Lecturer, University of Aberdeen


Research Interests

Fluid flow and active tectonics

Fault zone chemical alteration 

Orogenic gold

Carbon cycling in active mountain belts

Deep Fault Drilling Project (ICDP) - Alpine Fault, New Zealand

Mineral carbonation in ultramafic rocks

Subduction zone volatile cycling and fluid flow

Mariana subduction zone: Serpentinite mud volcanoes - IODP Expedition 366

Oman Drilling Project (ICDP) - listvanites in the fossil mantle wedge

Tools that I use: field mapping; petrography; fluid inclusion microthermometry; stable and ragiogenic isotope geochemistry; trace and rare earth elements; FT-IR; Raman; Geochemical thermodynamic and kinetic modelling.

Current Research

Currently focussing on analysing pore fluids and materials erupted from the Mariana mud volcanoes to characterise devolatilisation of the subducting slab beneath the Mariana forearc - IODP Expedition 366. Complementing this work on geochemical cycling at plate boundaries; I am analysing organic carbon in listvanites obtained from the fossil mantle wedge in Oman during the ICDP-funded Oman Drilling Project.


ICDP Deep Fault Drilling Project: collaborators in New Zealand, US, Japan, Germany, France


ICDP Oman Drilling Project


IODP Expedition 366: Mariana Convergent Margin & South Chamorro Seamount

Research Grants

1/6/2010: NIGFSC grant [IP-1187-0510] “Fluids and Thermal Structure of the Alpine Fault, New Zealand”, silicate stable isotope analyses (δD & δ18O) with Prof. Adrian Boyce at NERC facility, SUERC.

09/10/2015: Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute HEIF Research Collaboration Stimulus Fund 2015/2016, “Carbon capture through the mineral carbonation of basaltic beach sands” with Prof. Damon Teagle and Prof. Ian Sinclair.

30/01/2016: NIGFSC grant [IP-1601-1115] “The geochemical evolution of the Alpine Fault Zone”, silicate stable isotope analyses (δD & δ18O) with Prof. Adrian Boyce at NERC facility, SUERC.

25/12/2016: NERC UK IODP Phase 2 Moratorium Award [NE/P020909/1], “Characterising devolatilisation beneath the Mariana Forearc”, with Prof. Damon Teagle.

01/01/2019: Carnegie Research Incentive Grant [RIG008260], "How much carbon goes into the Earth's mantle, and how does it get there?".



Teaching Responsibilities

GL3029: Petroleum Geology and Reservoir Characterisation - Course Coordinator

GL5041: Geoscience Research Skills and Data Analysis

GL2512: Introduction to Geology for Petroleum Engineers - Course Coordinator

GL4530: Geological Synthesis