This meeting will keep the tradition of DRT, focusing on the study of the deformation behaviour, rheology of minerals, rocks and materials, and tectonics. For this edition we aim to also emphasise discussions on the geophysical expression of deformation processes, and will include a component of applied structural geology. We aim to attract participants doing research on all scales of field, experimental and numerical studies of rock deformation, tectonics, geodynamics, rheology and material science.

Sessions will be organised around the following themes:

  • Rheology and deformation mechanisms 
  • Continental tectonics and mountain building: from deep to shallow
  • 3D geometry and kinematics of tectonic structures. Virtual outcrop modelling. Uncertainty in geologic models
  • Rock mechanics and physics of fractured rocks
  • Geophysical signatures of deformation processes in the crust and mantle
  • Seismic interpretation of subsurface structures
  • Interaction between tectonics and surface processes. Neotectonics
  • Interplay between fluid flow, deformation and mineral reactions
  • Structural geology, tectonics and geophysics for exploration and production of energy resources