Post-Conference Field-Trip

Post-Conference Field-Trip

Download Post-Conference Field-Trip Flyer (500 KB)

The aim of the field trip is to visit a selection of classic sites in the NW Highlands and islands. The region is of great importance for the historical development of concepts in crustal deformation. There are excellent, reasonably accessible outcrops that not only inspire discussions on how the continental crust has formed and been deformed – but also provides analogues of seismically-imaged features. An itinerary is being planned to take in a selection of the very best outcrops, while also providing an overview of the three billion year geological history of the crust of NW Scotland. 

This will include:

  • Magmatic-metamorphic history of the Hebridean (Laurentian) crust
  • Major crustal-scale thrusts and fault zones (Moine Thrust, Outer Isles Fault)
  • Structure of the Moine Trust Belt (imbricate thrust systems)
  • Direct onshore analogues for crustal reflectors imaged  on the MOIST line
  • Distributed ductile deformation in exhumed mid-crust (Lewisian – Laxford shear zone etc)
  • A range of shear zone rocks – including the type locality for Lapworth’s mylonites (Arnaboll Thrust), syn-magmatic shear zones (South Harris), classic cataclasites and brittle fault rocks (Sango-Durness) and psuedotachylytes (Outer Isles fault zone).
  • The trip will be arranged on a DBB basis although we will arrange for a free night (in Ullapool).


Preliminary Itinerary

  • North coast of Sutherland
  • NW Highlands Geopark
  • Outer Hebridean islands of Lewis and Harris

The field excursion will depart directly from the conference at lunchtime on Friday (20th May). After visiting the Outer Isles we intend to return to the mainland on Wednesday evening (25th) and drop participants in Inverness later that evening. Full details available once participation is confirmed. The excursion has a maximum limit of 28 individuals, on a first-come first-serve basis.