Organising committee

All the members of the Organising Committee are staff of the Department of Geology and Petroleum Geology of the University of Aberdeen:

Enrique Gomez-Rivas
Rob Butler
Dave Healy
Clare Bond
Ian Alsop
David Iacopini
Hannah Watkins
Dave Cornwell
Randell Stephenson














Scientific committee

The scientific committee is composed of the members of the organising committee and an external advisory board, whose members are:

Janos Urai RWTH University of Aachen, Germany
John Wheeler University of Liverpool, UK
Susanne Buiter Geological Survey of Norway, Norway
Giorgio Pennacchioni University of Padova, Italy
Lucie Tajcmanova ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Albert Griera Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Christie Rowe McGill University, Canada
Rick Law Virginia Tech, USA
Stephen Laubach The University of Texas at Austin, USA