Increasingly it’s important for scientists to engage with the public, to show the excitement of their work, its importance to society, its inspirational  qualities and to share their obsession with the world at large! All of this comes under the banner of "outreach".

In GPG we are committed to increased public engagement. We are home to one of the University’s seven museums - displaying nationally and internationally important geological material. Each summer the department hosts the Fabric of the Land exhibition – an event that explores the links between art and science.

We also run two virtual exhibitions – one relating to the historically important geological mapping of the NW Highlands in the 1880s (Mapping Mountains) and the other a showcase for seismic imaging of the subsurface (the Virtual Seismic Atlas). Both websites are openly accessible to external users – follow the links opposite.

Members of GPG regularly engage in community outreach activities. We are active in the STEM in the Pipeline programme that links high school students to the science and technology of the oil and gas industry.

Our staff are willing to make presentations, show specimens, run experiments and also lead field trips. We have a new Seismometer in the department and are involved in the British Geological Survey scheme Seismometers in Schools. Department staff member Clare Bond acts as the Public Enagement with Research Coordinator for the College of Physical Sciences, working with the Universities central Public Engagement Unit.