We believe it is increasingly important for scientists to engage with the public, to show our work and its importance to society and to inspire the next generation of geoscientists and share our obsession with the world at large! 

Members of the Department of Geology and Geophysics regularly engage in community outreach activities and welcome opportunities to work with schools throughout the country in promoting geoscience and the wider STEM subjects. Our staff are willing to make presentations, show specimens, run experiments and also lead field trips.

People in the Department of Geology and Geophysics are leading a series of outreach projects, with arrays of openly-accessible resources.


Outreach for Schools


V3Geo - explore the world’s most stunning geological locations – through virtual outcrops


eRock – virtual outcrops


The Shear Zone – a YouTube channel with over 200 videos on geology


The Rhynie Chert

Discover a world-famous geological site in rural Aberdeenshire – a fascinating glimpse into ancient ecosystems 400 million years ago.



Other collaborations


Seismometers in Schools


We are collaborators in the global Seismometers in Schools Program, supporting many local deployments.



A Scotland-wide initiative promoting STEM subjects in schools and throughout the community.

Scottish Geology Trust


Members of the department are involved in various outreach activities through the SGT, across Scotland.

Aberdeen Geological Society

The department has strong links the AGS – hosting their evening lectures, providing a hub for geology in the community.