Workshop Meetings

Workshop Meetings

Workshop I

Climatic drivers and hydrological regimes
Date: September 2009
Location: Dorset experimental sites, Canada
Coordinator: Carey


Workshop II

Hydro-climatic variability and biogeochemistry
Date: April 2010
Location: Vindeln, Sweden
Coordinator: Laudon


Workshop III

Hydroecological responses to climate change
Date: September 2010
Location: Aviemore, Scotland
Coordinator: Tetzlaff


Workshop IV

Using empirical data and models in a learning framework for prediction
Date: April 2011
Location: Hubbard Brook, USA
Coordinator: McGuire


Workshop V

Catchments of the future North: towards science for management in the 21st century
Date: May 2012
Location: Potsdam, Germany
Coordinator: Tetzlaff & Soulsby