Workshop III
Hydroecological Responses to Climate Change in Northern Catchments

Workshop III
Hydroecological Responses to Climate Change in Northern Catchments

29th Aug - 1st September 2010, Aviemore, Scotland, UK.

The goal of this North-watch workshop III in Aviemore was to expose each other to the different ways of looking at linkages between hydrology and structural-functional relationships of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in northern catchments in the context of a changing climate. Our aim is to try and better understand the complex feedback between catchment hydrological response to climatic forcing and the complex feedbacks between landscape and ecosystem response.


Specific Objectives

  1. What are the structural-functional relationships of different eco-hydrological units within landscapes? How sensitive are these different units to climate and/or land-use changes?
  2. How do we characterise complex feedbacks between climate, hydrological processes and the response of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
  3. How can we capture variability and eco-hydrological change in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems? Are there ecologically meaningful indices to link change to hydro-climatic forcing?
  4. How can we improve the prediction of nonlinearities, thresholds and the likely response of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems?




Invited Speaker Presentations


  • Jim Buttle: Workshop III Synthesis


Workshop Attendees

Canadian colleagues in deep discussion!


The workshop participants (back, from left to right: Angela Gurnell, Phil Wookey, Hjalmar Laudon,
Chris Soulsby, Jan Seibert, Kevin McGuire, Iain Malcolm, Jeff McDonnell, Laura Kruitbos.
Front row, from left to right: Phil Bacon, Jim Buttle, Sean Carey, Doerthe Tetzlaff, Klement Tockner).


Field Trip Photos

The Allt a' Mharcaidh catchment

The Feshie catchment

The Feshie catchment