1th - 15th April 2010, Vindeln, Sweden

This workshop focussed on hydro-climatic variability and biogeochemistry in northern catchments comprising sensitive boreal, subartic and sub-alpine environments in context of a changing climate. Such inter-site comparison might help to gain a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and regional understanding of recent effects of climate change. A major goal of this workshop was to try and understand how catchment DOC is being affected by any climatic and hydrological change. Discussion from the workshop highlighted the importance of climatic, catchment characteristics and hydrological dynamics in controlling DOC response from over 10 experimental watersheds. In addition, a number of unifying concepts were identified as a basis for integrating hydro-climatic and biogeochemical functioning in catchments. Such concepts are storage, flux, age, antecedent conditions, connectivity and memory of catchments.




Invited speaker presentations



Workshop Attendees

Workshop attendees - (left-right): Hjalmar Laudon, Jim Buttle, Chris Soulsby, Prikko Kortelainen,
Heleen de Wit, Jamie Shanley, Doerthe Tetzlaff, Jan Seibert, Martyn Futter, Kevin Bishop.


Start of one of the field trips


Professor Laudon


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