Workshop I:
Climatic Drivers and Hydrological Regimes

Workshop I:
Climatic Drivers and Hydrological Regimes

30th August – 3rd September 2009, Frost Centre, Dorset, Ontario, Canada

This workshop focussed on climatic drivers and hydrological regimes at long-term experimental catchments in different parts of the northern region comprising sensitive boreal, subartic and sub-alpine environments. Such inter-site comparison might help to gain a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and regional understanding of recent effects of climatic change. A major goal of this workshop was examining what aspects of climate are the main drivers of the hydrological regime, and whether these drivers are showing directional changes. Discussion from the workshop highlighted the importance of both climatic and catchment characteristics in controlling integrated hydrological response from over 10 experimental watersheds.


Workshop Programme



Introduction to North Watch Sites


Invited speaker presentations:





Workshop Attendees

Workshop attendees - front row: Jim Buttle, Daniel Cassie, Kevin McGuire, Hjalmar Laudon, Murray Richardson (L-R); back row: Bill Quinton, John Pomeroy, Kevin Devito, Sean Carey, Chris Spence, Jeff McDonnel, Chris Soulsby, Jan seibert, Doerthe Tetzlaff (L-R) Workshop attendees


Prof. John Pomeroy presenting on Prairie Hydrology Prof. Kevin Devito presenting on Boreal Plain Hydrology Dr. Chris Spence presenting on Canadian Shield Ecozones
Prof. Bill Quinton presenting on Hydrology in wetland-dominated, discontinuous permafrost Dr. Daniel Cassie presenting on Hydrology in the maritime east  

Field Trip to Dorset Sites

Other Pictures

John Pomeroy: getting a different perspective Reunion on old grounds: former Master student Jeff McDonnell with former supervisor Jim Buttle at the Dorset sites
Happy Birthday Jim Buttle! Prof. Sean Carey reflects on workshop discussions