UCEMM is currently involved in the acquisition of UAV remotely sensed data and imagery from UAVs using small drone platforms carrying a variety of small airborne sensors e.g. cameras (GoPro, MapIR, IRPro, FLIR, Parrot Sequoia, MicaSense RedEdge, and DSLR) and other instruments such as Lidar.

We also utilise ground-based and water-borne remotely operated and piloted vehicles to provide a complete air/land and water interface.

University of Aberdeen UCEMM stand at the Commercial UAV Show in ExCel Centre in London
- November 14-15 2018

UCEMM Exhibition Stand at the Commercial UAV Show in London - 2017

Dmitri Mauquoy launching a Parrot Disco fixed wing UAV platform at Nigg Bay Saltmarsh
on the Cromarty Firth

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