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The University of Aberdeen University of Aberdeen Room 101 St Mary's Building, Kings College, Aberdeen AB24 5UA


Megan established EBBA Consultants Ltd in 2007 in response industry needs for support in Sustainable Construction and corresponding development of Sustainable Construction Policies.  The business has developed a reputation for its succinct support of a wide range of stakeholders in delivering large public construction projects.  Megan has delivered some of the most Sustainable Buildings in the UK under the globally adopted rating scheme BREEAM.  She has worked from London to Shetland with a wide range of public and private organisations delivering CPD training to many on the virtues and application of Sustainable Development within the Construction Sector.  She has also spoken at Large Conferences on project management and the introduction of Sustainable Construction credentials.    

Megan has also sat on the Board of Management for Moray College UHI, as well as the Staffing, Building and Audit Committees, for the past 8 years.  She has a strong belief in education supporting Sustainable Development and has been active in supporting Further and Higher Education needs in rural areas.  Megan has played a key role in promoting education and business development in the rural economy.

She has sat on the Moray Community Planning Partnership (MCPP) for the past two years representing Further and Higher Education within the Sustainable Economic Development of the Region.

She is a full member of the Institute of Economic Development (MIED).

With this experience and knowledge behind her Megan has chosen to return to research to explore the virtues of new communication technology and rural development in small businesses. 

In her spare time she enjoys adventure triathlons, mountain biking, cross terrain running and hillwalking.


Current Research

Megan is researching the Impacts of Next Generation Broadband (NGB) on Small/Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s)  in the North of Scotland.  She is keen to explore the relational values between technology and small businesses and how, if at all, new technology influences small businesses in rural areas.  

Research Grants

Research Title: Impacts of Next Generation Broadband (NGB) on Small/Medium Size Enterprise's (SME's) in the North of Scotland.

Funded under a case studentship agreement by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and British Telecom (BT)

Further Info

External Responsibilities

Megan sits on the Board of Management for Moray College UHI. 

She also is the Further/Higher Education representative on the Moray Community Planning Partnership.

Megan is a full member of the Institute of Economic Development MIED. 

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