Medical & Health GIS Research

Medical & Health GIS Research

This field of research originated when David R. Green was seconded to the Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine (DEOM) at Foresterhill to work with Professor Jon Ayres, Professor Graham Devereux, and Dr. Finlay Dick to examine the role of GIS and mobile GIS in a number of asthma related studies and the supervision of a number MSc students in medical studies and the MSc programme in GIS.                    

Medical and Health Research              

Ongoing collaborative research continues with a number of medical and NHS staff on the applications of GIS and related technologies e.g. remote sensing, digital mapping, mobile GIS, and WebGIS. This includes a number of research studies and outputs: 

  • Green, D.R., 2021. The Potential of Drone Technology in Pandemics. Chapter 5, in Rajabifard, A., Foliente, G., and Daniel Paez, D. (Eds.). COVID-19 Pandemic, Geospatial Information, and Community ResilienceGlobal Applications and Lessons. pp. 69-77. CRC Press. 558p. eBook ISBN9781003181590 (with Karachok, A.R., and Gregory, B.J.) 
  • Green, D.R., 2021. Equity of Access to Critical Care Services in Scotland: A Bayesian Spatial Analysis.Journal of Intensive Care Society. Vol. 22(2): 127-135. (with Emerson, P., Stott, S., Maclennan, G., Campbell, M., and Jansen, J.O)
  • Green, D.R., 2017. Geographical Access to Critical Care services in Scotland. Journal of Intensive Care Society. (with Emerson, P.,  Dodds, N., and Jansen, J.O.) (Online First).
  • Green, D.R., 2017. Analysis of Aeromedical Retrieval Coverage Using Elliptical Isochrones: An Evaluation of Helicopter Fleet Size Configurations in Scotland. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. Vol. 82(3):550-556. (with Dodds, N., Emerson, P., Phillips, S., and Jansen, J.O.).
  • Green, D.R., 2016. Spatio-Temporal Geography and Medical Data: PART 2. GIS Professional. Issue No. 72: October 2016:25-27. (with Jansen, J.)
  • Green, D.R., 2016. Spatio-Temporal Geography and Medical Data: PART 1. GIS Professional. Issue No. 71: August 2016:25-27. (with Jansen, J.)
  • Green, D.R., 2015. Spontaneous very preterm birth in relation to social class in Aberdeen, Scotland; A temporal-spatial secondary data analysis. BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology. (with Stephen J. McCall, Sohinee Bhattacharya, and Gary J. Macfarlane)
  • Green, D.R., 2015. The Feasibility and utility of population-level geospatial injury profiling: prospective, national cohort study. The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, Vol. 78, no. 5, pp. 962-969. (with Jonathan J Morrison, Handing Wang, Shan He, Robin Lawrenson, and Marion K Campbell)
  • Green, D.R., 2014. Geographical Mapping of Hepatitis C infection in North East Scotland Using a Geographical Information System (GIS). Poster and Abstract. BSG Annual Meeting 2014. Manchester 16 - 19 June 2014. (with Lee Nisbet*, Anne-Marie Sinclair*, Pauline Dundas*, Shirley English*, Lindsay McLeman*, Balasubramanian Vijayan*, Andrew Fraser*, Ashis Mukhopadhya*)
  • Green, D.R., 2010. The Application of Geospatial Technologies to Medical Studies. Chapter 6b. In, Ayres, J.G. et. al., 2010. Environmental Medicine. Hodder Education. 700p. pp. 109-110.

New Developments in Applied Research

A new area of development for this research group is our work with UCEMM to explore the potential for drone technology in pandemics e.g. COVID-19. To this end, research into Medical and Health GIS Research is examining how drones can be used to deliver e.g. essential goods and medicines to remote and isolated areas, to monitor and battle the spread of e.g. coronavirus, and to assist in emergency response. We are currently exploring research with one of our UCEMM Associate Members, Alistair Skitmore of Skyports.

Research Staff

  • David R. Green (Geography & Environment)
  • Alistair Skitmore (Skyports - UCEMM Associate)
  • Billy Gregory (DroneLite - UCEMM Associate)
  • Alex Karachok (RotorFox Productions - UCEMM Associate)
  • Jan Jansen (NHS & University of Alabama at Birmingham)
  • Phil Emerson (University of Aberdeen)
  • Ashis Mukhopadhya (NHS)

Student Supervision

  • Jed B. Anderson - Geocoding Tweets for Medical, Spatial and Temporal Analysis for Cities in Scotland. (Supervisors: David R. Green / Phil Emerson)
  • Denise Yeung - A Geospatial Analysis of Risk of Injury in Scotland (Supervisors: Jan Jansen / David R. Green)