Hans Renssen

Hans Renssen

Dr. Hans Renssen

Position and Institution: Professor, head of the section
University of Amsterdam

Contact details:

Department of Earth Sciences
Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences
Phone: +31 20 5987376
Fax: +31 20 5989940
Email: h.renssen@vu.nl

Position in project: Project researcher

Professor Renssen will be responsible for numerical model simulations of the Younger Dryas climate, providing crucial quantified information, such as the state of the atmospheric circulation, temperature and precipitation.

Research interests related to the project’s scope:

  • Palaeoclimate modelling of abrupt climate change during glacial-interglacial cycles
  • Model-data comparisons
  • Quaternary Geology: understanding the climatic imprint in geological archives

Relevant publications:

  • Renssen, H., Seppä, H., Crosta, X., Goosse, H., Roche, D.M., (2012) Global characterization of the Holocene Thermal Maximum. Quaternary Science Reviews 48, 7-19. doi: 10.1016/j.quascirev.2012.05.022.

  • Renssen, H., Goosse, H., Crosta, X., Roche, D.M. (2010) Early Holocene Laurentide Icesheet deglaciation causes cooling in the high-latitude Southern Hemisphere through oceanic teleconnection. Paleoceanography 25, PA3204. doi:10.1029/2009PA001854

  • Renssen, H., Seppä, H., Heiri, O., Roche, D.M., Goosse, H., Fichefet, T. (2009) The temporal and spatial complexity of the Holocene Thermal Maximum. Nature Geoscience 2, 411-414,  doi: 10.1038/ NGEO513.

  • Renssen, H., Goosse, H., Fichefet, T. (2007) Simulation of Holocene cooling events in a coupled climate model. Quaternary Science Reviews, 26, 2019-2029. doi: 10.1016/j.quascirev.2007.07.011

  • Renssen, H., Goosse, H. and Muscheler, R. (2006) Coupled climate model simulation of Holocene cooling events: oceanic feedback amplifies solar forcing. Climate of the Past 2, 79-90. PDF

  • Renssen, H., Goosse, H., Fichefet, T., Brovkin, V., Driesschaert, E., Wolk, F. (2005) Simulating the Holocene climate evolution at northern high latitudes using a coupled atmosphere-sea ice-ocean-vegetation model. Climate Dynamics 24, 23-43

  • Renssen, H.,  and Vandenberghe (2003) Investigation of the relationship between permafrost distribution in NW Europe and extensive winter sea-ice cover in the North Atlantic Ocean during the cold phases of the Last Glaciation. Quaternary Science Reviews 22, 209-223.