GIS in Secondary School Education

GIS in Secondary School Education

GIS in SchoolsIn 2000, David R. Green produced one of the first books on GIS in School Education for Taylor and Francis (GIS in Secondary School Education. Taylor and Francis. (December 2000 - 192p.)

This book was accompanied by a number of mainstream GIS magazine articles (Mapping Awareness and GIS Europe), Conference Papers (AGI Annual Conference and Exhibition) book chapters (AGI Annual Sourcebook (Taylor and Francis), and work with software developers e.g. ESRI and the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) to develop proposals for GIS software specifically for use in the classroom (teachers and pupils). David’s involvement with School Education and GIS also includes:

  • Past Chairman of AGI (Association for Geographic Information) GIS in School Education SIG
  • Chief Assessor and Examiner for ASET (now EDI) GIS Programme
  • Committee Member for Specification and Development of the QDT3 SQA GIS Award

A number of GIS software packages have been developed over time to cater to the needs for GIS in the school curriculum.


Geospatial Technologies in the Social Studies Classroom

Review: These three articles, along with David R. Green and Joanna Mouatt's chapter discussing Google Earth's usefulness for leading virtual field trips, Joseph J. Kerski's “The World at the Student's Fingertips: Internet-Based GIS Education Opportunities,” and James Merchant's (2007) recent special edition of the Journal of Geography, “Using Geospatial Data in Geographic Education,” map the online treasures available for GST educators.

For those in GST education, Digital Geography is a practical and principled guide. Not only does the volume include useful reviews of accessible GST resources, it also includes thoughtful and thorough discussion of the pedagogical challenges specific to GST. Indeed, it should be required reading in methods courses in geographic education. For geographic educators whose expertise is not in GST, the book is an excellent survey of core issues. Finally, for the discipline, this collection is an insistent assertion of GST's centrality to the future of geography in K–12 education.




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