Adriano Ribolini

Adriano Ribolini

Dr Adriano Ribolini

Position and Institution: Lecturer
University of Pisa

Contact details:

Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
University of Pisa, via S. Maria 53

Position in project: Project researcher

Dr Ribolini has extensive experience investigating glacial features in the Alps with particularly reference to YD cold event. The combined expertise of Drs Hughes and Ribolini and their various collaborators across Europe will help co-ordinate efforts to provide comprehensive geospatial coverage for the project.

Dr Ribolini has carried out research in several sectors of SW Alps, Apuane Alps/Northern Apennines and currently is working on a project in the Balkan region to define the Pleistocene glacial geometry and chronology in Macedonia.

Research interests related to the project’s scope:

  • Alpine Geomorphology
  • Mountain permafrost
  • Tectonic Geomorphlogy


Relevant publications:

  • Federici P., Granger D., Ribolini A., Spagnolo M., Pappalardo M., Cyr A. (2011). Last Glacial Maximum and the Gschnitz stadial in the Maritime Alps according to 10Be cosmogenic dating. Boreas, DOI:0.1111/j.1502- 3885.2011.00233.x

  • Ribolini A., Isola I., Zanchetta G., Bini M, Sulpizio R. (2001). Glacial features on the Galicica Montains, Macedonia: preliminary report. Geografia Fisica e Dinamica Quaternaria, 34, 247- 255

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  • Federici P. R., Granger D.E., Pappalardo M., Ribolini A., Spagnolo M., Cyr A. J. (2008). Exposure age dating and Equilibrium Line Altitude reconstruction of an Egesen moraine in the Maritime Alps, Italy. Boreas, 37, 245-253

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