The Al-Basatîn Excavations (Wadi Ziqlab Project)

The Al-Basatîn Excavations (Wadi Ziqlab Project)

Since 2006 I have co-directed the Wadi Ziqlab Project excavations at the site of al-Basatîn, northern Jordan, with colleagues from the University of Toronto and Nagoya University (funded by SSHRC).

Excavations have emphasized the Late Neolithic occupation at the site, but in 2009, funding from the Palestine Exploration Fund and the Prehistoric Society permitted a closer examination of the site’s Early Bronze I component.

Recent survey conducted by the Wadi Ziqlab Project (summer 2012) in nearby Wadi Quseiba discovered other Late Neolithic and Early Bronze I sites that will help contextualize results from al-Basatîn.

Project Partners
  • Professor E.B. (Ted) Banning (University of Toronto)
  • Dr. Seiji Kadowaki (Nagoya University)