Welcome to CGEBM Genomics Services

Initial project discussion and enquiries should be made to Dr Elaina Collie-Duguid, CGEBM Manager for advice on grant submissions, experimental design and a detailed quotation. You should aim to provide us with a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice to allow time for project discussions and enable us to provide you with accurate plans and costs for the proposed study.

Dr Collie-Duguid should also be contacted for a booking date and expected completion date when you have your samples ready for the facility, and is the first point of contact for any technical enquiries regarding NGS or microarray experiments, respectively.

A fully completed Project Form must be completed for each CGEBM supported project. Please obtain your project reference number from CGEBM staff. Please note we are unable to schedule your project until we have the completed form.

A Material Transfer Record must be completed and provided at time of sample transfer to CGEBM staff. Only one project form is required per project. However a Material Transfer record must be completed for each separate batch of samples brought to CGEBM for processing. All relevant metadata should be provided with each batch of samples. 

Please contact us if you require assistance in completion of the Project Form.


Dr Elaina Collie-Duguid

CGEBM Manager

Tel: +44 (0) 1224 273470 or + 44 (0) 1224 437958