The Oxford Nanopore MinION and accompanying MinIT system provide long read sequencing capacity of up to ~20 Gb output, dependent upon DNA quality and flow cell choice. Read length is determined by DNA quality, extraction and preparation methods, but is not limited by the hardware. The MinIT provides localised compute power, with an in-built GPU, allowing for real-time base calling using Guppy. The MinION and MinIT are offered for researchers who wish to gain long read sequencing data. Long reads and ultra-long reads can be obtained from amplified DNA, RNA/ cDNA or amplicons for applications such as improving/ closing genome assemblies, structural variant analysis, phasing, splice variant analysis, fusion transcripts and real-time metagenomics. Direct DNA or RNA sequencing is also possible and allows determination of base modifications for epigenetic applications such as methylome analysis or analysis of the epitranscriptome.