The Illumina MiSeq provides sequencing capacity of up to 15 Gb output sequence with up to 25M reads and 2 x 300 bp paired end reads. This is an ideal platform for small genome sequencing and assembly, with paired ends improving de novo assemblies, as well as targeted and amplicon bi-directional sequencing requiring longer read lengths such as 16S profiling of metagenomes or custom amplicons. Multiplex up to 384 samples per run.

The Illumina NextSeq 500 provides sequencing capacity of up to 120 Gb output sequence with up to 400M reads and 2 x 150 bp paired end reads. This platform provides rapid runs with high output and can sequence a whole human genome at 30x coverage in a single 30hr run, or allows multiplexing for targeted or exome resequencing, and transcriptome sequencing for de novo assembly or gene expression analysis, for rapid and cost-effective sequencing for these applications.

The Illumina platforms use sequencing by synthesis (SBS) chemistries.

The Ion Torrent Proton provides sequencing capacity of up to 16 Gb output with up to 80M 200 bp single end reads in a single 4 hr run. This provides a rapid and cost effective platform for sequencing genomes, transcriptomes and exomes. Low input and FFPE material is suitable for human exome sequencing on this platform. This platform uses semiconductor sequencing chemistries.

The introduction of the BioMek 4000 robotics systems allow library preparation to be carried out concurrently, in a highly reproducible and accuarate manner on a large number of samples.