Aberdeen has a wide range of genomics projects, covering the range of biological and medical research at the University. The following provide a small sample of the types of projects that the Centre is involved in:

  • Whole genome resequencing for variant detection in a wide range of organisms, including microbial (bacterial and fungi) plant and animal pathogens and clinical isolates, plants, nematodes
  • De novo sequencing of novel fungal pathogens
  • Single cell de novo whole genome sequencing of archaea
  • A genetic dissection of traits required for sustainable water use in rice using Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS)
  • Human exome sequencing of archived samples
  • 16S profiling of metagenomes in complex microbial communities in a wide range of samples, including soil, glaciers, marine sediments, animal (models and non-models) and human stool.
  • Functional gene profiling of metagenomes in complex microbial soil communities
  • De novo transcriptomes, including sharks and parasites
  • Differential gene expression using RNAseq and microarrays in bacteria, fungi, mammals
  • Exome sequencing of family trios for linkage studies in cancer and developmental disorders
  • WGS ancient DNA from herbarium samples and ancient fur, stool and bone samples.
  • Epigenome/Methylation Analysis using targeted BIS-seq and BIS-RNA-seq in humans and Siberian hamster 
  • Human cancer panels for precision medicine, including a Stratified Medicine Scotland SMS-IC Exemplar project (link).

The centre currently supports the research of several post-graduate students. More details about these projects can be found here

Single cell de novo whole genome sequencing of archaea