Some of the research supported by CGEBM:

MRC Programme Grant (2016-2021): Impact of fungal adaptation upon host recognition and pathogenesis. PI, Professor Alistair Brown.  CoIs, Professors Neil Gow, Lars Erwig, Mihai Netea. Award £1,981,419

Wellcome Trust WTSA PhD Studentship (2015-2018): The transition from fungal commensalism to systemic infection. PI, Professor Alistair Brown.  CoIs, Professor Gordon Brown, Dr Donna MacCallum. Award £108,653

BBSRC  project grant (2012-2018): A genetic dissection of traits required for sustainable water use in rice using Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS). PI, Professor Adam Price with multiple Co-Is in Aberdeen, Lancaster, Bangladesh and the International Rice Research Institute. Award £1.2M (Aberdeen component £930K).

FACCE-ERA-NET+  project grant (2014-2017): GreenRice: Seven partners in 4 countries coordinated by CIRAD, Montpellier. Aberdeen. Lead: Professor Adam Price: Award €1,447K (Aberdeen component €878K).

MRC Research Grant (2014-2017): The human fetal liver: development and response to maternal drug use. PI, Professor Paul Fowler. CoIs Paul O'Shaughnessy, Dr Panagiotis Filis, Dr Alex Douglas & Dr Susan Fairley.

NHS Endowment Grant (2014-2016): Chlorhexidine baths and emergence of multidrug resistant staphylococci in intensive care units. PIs Drs Karolin Hijazi & Ian Gould.

BBSRC Grant (2013-2016): Mechanisms directing stress-specific outputs from a regulatory hub in C. albicans.  PI, Professor Alistair Brown (Collaboration with Jan Quinn, Newcastle). Award £429,137

European Commission (FP7) (2012-2016): Microbicide Optimization Through Innovative Formulation.  PI, Dr Karolin Hijazi. CoI, Dr Georgina Hold. Award £450,840

Wellcome Trust ISSF Grant (2015): Impact of the gut microbiota and diet upon Candida colonisation and infection.  PI, Professor Alistair Brown.  CoIs, Dr Alan Walker, Dr Megan Lenardon. Award £19,748

Tenovus Scotland (2013-2015): Oral Microbiota in Patients with Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis. PI, Dr Karolin Hijazi. CoI, T Foley & Dr Georgina Hold. Award £10,000

NERC fellowship (NERC-1026-CR; NE/J019151/1) (2012-2015): Evolutionary adaptation in archaea. PI, Dr Cecile Gubry-Rangin. Award £362,498

ERC Advanced Grant (2010-2015): Spatial and temporal regulation of the fungus-host interaction during life-threatening fungal infections. PI, Professor Alistair Brown.

BBSRC SABR Grant (2008-2014): Combinatorial responses of fungal pathogens to their human hosts: an Integrative Systems Biology approach (CRISP).  PI, Professor Alistair Brown.  CoIs, Professor Celso Grebogi, Professor George Coghill, Dr Alessandro de Moura, Professor Marco Thiel, Dr Carmen Romano, Professor Neil Gow.

BBSRC EastBio PhD studentship: Exploring and exploiting the biosynthesis of myriocin, a potent fungal metabolite. PIs, Dr Alexandra Brand & Professor Dominic Campopiano. Award £71,077

Biosciences KTN BBSRC CASE:  Drug target identification in the cat flea by transcriptomics and gene knockdown. PI, Dr Alan S. Bowman (Uni Aberdeen). CoIs, Dr Debra Woods (Zoetis Animal Health, Kalamzoo,USA). Student, Catriona McIntosh. Award £127,000

Friends of Anchor: Obesity and colorectal cancer – do microbes hold the key. PI, Dr Georgina Hold. Award £10,000

GI Research funds: Assessment of microbial diversity in colorectal cancer progression. PI, Dr Georgina Hold. Award £5,000

GI Research funds: Is faecal aspirate a good proxy for intestinal biopsy in IBD patients: 16S V3/V4. PI, Dr Georgina Hold. Award £5,000

ISSF Seedcorn: Role of the enteric virome and its interaction with the bacterial and fungal microbiome in the aetiopathogenesis of Crohn’s disease. PI, Dr Indrani Mukhopadhya. CoI, Dr Georgina Hold. Award £22,087

MRC PhD studentship & NHS Grampian neonatal endowments funding: Assessment of the antimicrobial properties of bilirubin in relation to Group B streptococcus infection. PI, Dr Georgina Hold. CoIs. Mike Munro, Richard Hansen. Award £140,000

NHS Grampian endowments: CAMPY-GAP Camplyobacter–genome annotation project. PI, Dr Georgina Hold. CoI, Dr Indrani Mukhopadhya. Award £12,000

RESAS Programme Theme 3.2.1 Importance of Healthy Diets. PI, Dr Janice Drew. CoIs, Stephanie Andraos. Award £886,398

RESAS Programme Theme 3.2.2. Dietary components of healthy diets and their effects. PI, Dr Alan Walker. Award £1,465,271

St Marks Foundation: Vitamin D and the intestinal microbiome in IBD. PI, Dr Georgina Hold. Award £14,710

Wellcome Trust Investigator Award: Making and breaking of fungal cell walls. PI, Professor Neil Gow.