Community engagement is important to increase the knowledge and interest of the public and create future enthusiatic scientists.

Please contact us if you are interested in working with us for a community engagement event.

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Cell Block Science

An initiative established at the University of St. Andrews, and funded by the Wellcome Trust to be taken nationwide, sees researchers heading into prisons to educate inmates about the science being undertaken at university's close to them. With help from PERU, The CGEBM team visited HMP Grampian with a day of activities surrounding DNA, with fun facts about how DNA research impacts every day life, and a short activity extracting DNA from strawberries.  

May Festival School's Programme

Aimed at local primary schools, the CGEBM team presented Genes Unzipped! as a part of both the 2017 and 2019 May Festival School's Programme. This interactive workshop aimed to teach children about DNA, with activities demonstrating what things contain DNA, how DNA is translated to proteins, and a hands-on activity extracting DNA from strawberries. This event took place as a part of the wider May Festival School's Programme. For more information, see the May Festival website


Doors Open Day

The CGEBM team have held a stall in the Institute of Medical Sciences in both 2016 and 2018 as part of the Annual Aberdeen doors open day. This event sees hundreds of buildings open their doors for the public for free. The CGEBM team had fun activities on offer for all of the family including science puzzles, DNA putt-putt, "make-your-own" DNA bracelets, and real life samples to peer at under the microscope. The team also talked about some of the work being undertaken in the Centre and offered tours of the laboratory.

For more information about Doors Open Day, including a list of all buildings that are took part, visit the website -


 DOD Puttputt with kidsDOD Puttputt with mother and childDoD Matthew and Attendees


Explorathon 2016

The CGEBM team held a stall on Friday 30th September as part of Explorathon 2016. This event is a Scottish wide event to celebrate European Researcher's night. The CGEBM team was available to answer any questions that members of the public have about the research being undertaken, and to teach interesting facts and basic concepts of genomics through fun family activities. Activities included DNA mini golf, DNA origami and "Pin the eye on the Mendelian" kids games.

For more information about Explorathon, including a list of locations that took part, visit the website - For more information about European Researchers Night, visit the website -

CGEBM Explorathon