Our Bioinformatics team in CGEBM work collaboratively with researchers using sequence data. We assist researchers by developing strategies and tools, running analyses and providing training. Our involvement in projects runs from project planning and grant applications through to publication.

Established in 2009, as part of an MRC funded intiative, our aim is to assist researchers in using sequence data, with a particular focus on data produced by the new sequencing technologies. We have extensive experience of working with next-generation sequencing data, including Illumina MiSeq and HiSeq, Ion Torrent and long-read technologies such as Oxford Nanopore and PacBio. We also work closely with the Proteomics facility at the University on Aberdeen and analyse proteomics datasets. So please get in touch if you have proteomics data you would like to interrogate. If you have other high density datasets, please get in touch to discuss as we may have the expertise to enable or speed up your analyses

Our services are available to researchers and research students throughout the University and beyond.

The bioinformatics team offer a number of different training workshops to help enable researchers analyse their own data. For more information on these training workshops, visit here.