Edward Wright Building

The Information Technology Services at the University support research computing and have a dedicated high performance compute cluster and support service, Maxwell, designed to meet both the bioinformatics needs of genomics within CGEBM as well as other high performance and high throughput compute needs in diverse disciplines across the University and with the University’s external partners.

The HPC is available for use by researchers at the University of Aberdeen or at external institutions or companies.

The principal objectives of the new research computing services are to encourage the effective and innovative use of IT as a research tool; to provide more proactive and in-depth IT support to researchers; to facilitate the use, and re-use, of IT resources; and to free up researcher time currently absorbed in IT administration to focus on research outputs.

CGEBM work closely with IT services to ensure that the informatics needs of genomics projects are met.

Please contact HPC support (hpcsupport@abdn.ac.uk) or Naveed Khan (n.khan@abdn.ac.uk) if you would like to register for an account on HPCC Maxwell.