The Centre de Recherche en Reproduction Humaine et en Démographie (CERRHUD) was founded in 1987 with funding from the Human Reproduction Programme at the World Health Organization. The centre has participated in several international studies including an INSERM-coordinated multi-country study on complications of the first trimester of pregnancy and risk factors for unsafe abortion and a study coordinated by the Institute of Tropical Medicine (Antwerp) on the heterogeneity of HIV in four African cities. CERRHUD was a partner in an earlier project field testing near-miss audits in North and West Africa funded by FP5 INCO DEV and has since participated in scaling up activities towards the routine implementation of audits in hospital practice. At the moment, CERRHUD is involved in a very large RCT of near-miss and criterion based audits, which involves 16 hospitals in Benin (finishing end of 2010) and funded by FP6 INCO DEV.

CERRHUD will lead the research and dissemination in Benin.

The staff involved in this project will include:

  • Dr Sourou GOUFODJI: she is a field epidemiologist/reproductive health specialist. She has several years experience in running projects. She will assume the managerial responsibilities for the project in Benin and oversee the collection of data on near-miss events and quality of care indicators.
  • Lydie KANHONOU: she is a senior social scientist who has worked on several international projects. Her main areas of responsibilities will include the preparation and management of the implementation of interviews and participant observations, training of interviewers, supervision of collection of qualitative data and analysis of qualitative data on health policy.
  • Victorin CAPO-CHCHI: he is a health economist who has worked on many projects of measuring of health costs. He will look at financing and costing. He will be involved in health financing assessment.
  • Narcisse SINGBO: he is a statistician and data manager. He will manage the data collected and process and analyse them.