AFRICSanté (ex- GREFSaD) is an association working in technical advice, research, and training in health. It offers a multidisciplinary team qualified in: demography, sociology, anthropology, public health, health economics, epidemiology, statistics, data bases management, research outcomes and evaluation, communication and management. AFRICSanté is member of the network of Immpact, as well as of its consulting wing, IPACT, and partner of Towards4+5, financed by the DFID. Among others institutions AFRICSanté has collaborated with LSHTM, University of Aberdeen, Macro International, WHO AFRO, Handicap International, and WAHO/OOAS.

AFRICSanté will lead the research in Burkina Faso, while also contributing to the development and use of economic tools in the other focal countries, and to dissemination of findings.

Nicolas MEDA, MD, PhD, HDR, is President of the organisation and Medical Doctor. He has a PhD in epidemiology, and is Director of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health of the Centre MURAZ. He will lead the team in this WP.

Rasmané GANABA, DvM, PhD, is Executive Director of AFRICSante. He is an epidemiologist, and graduate of the University of Dakar (Senegal) and of the University of Montreal (Canada). He will be leading the quality of care and health outcomes component of the work.

Maurice YAOGO, PhD is a Socio-Anthropologist. He graduated from the University of Ouagadougou, the University of Nancy II and of the School of High studies in Social sciences of Marseilles in Social anthropology. He will lead the health policy and the household qualitative components of the programme.

Patrick Ilboudo is a health economist who studied in France for a DESS (MPhil). He is currently working on two projects: one funded by the EU on cost-effectiveness, the other funded by Hewlett/ESRC on the consequences of obstetric complications. In this consortium he will be leading the household cost and facility costing components within WP2, as well as leading health financing research in WP 6.