The findings from the FEMHealth project have now been finalised. Below is a comprehensive list (with links) to the reports and policy briefs produced by the consortium.

Overall report

For overall findings based on comparative analysis of the multi-disciplinary evaluations across four countries, please click here: Overall FEMHealth report

For a summary of the overall findings in French and English, please click here: french; english

Country reports

For the detailed findings for specific countries, please see the reports below:


Burkina Faso



For reports on the FEMHealth methodological findings, please see the reports below:

Specific methods reports and policy briefs can be found below:

Community of Practice

For a report on the lessons learned for the early phases of setting up a Community of Practice, please see below:

Published articles

A full list of published articles from the FEMHealth project can be found here.


The protocols developed during the FEMHealth programme can be found below: