AfHEA 2014

The African Health and Economics and Policy Association conference was held in Nairobi from 11th-13th March 2014. FEMHealth researchers presented their findings - presentations can be seen below.

Presentations of research findings

Evaluation de la politique de gratuité de l’accouchement et de la césarienne au Maroc (Approche économique et financière). C. Boukhalfa , S. Abouchadi, N. Cunden, S. Witter et l’équipe FEMHealth

Introduction to FEMHealth panel: fee exemptions for obstetric care in West Africa and Morocco – new knowledge, new tools. Dr Sophie Witter, scientific coordinator

Three years of implementation of the policy of free caesarean in five health zones in Benin: results, strengths and weaknesses. Makoutodé P, Goufodji S, Kanhonou L, Tonouhéoua O, Agbla S, Lawin L, Dossou JP

Effects of Burkina Faso’s national subsidy policy for deliveries and emergency obstetric care. Patrick Ilboudo on behalf of: Rasmané Ganaba, Sophie Witter, Maurice Yaogo, Cheick Diallo , Nadia Cunden, Henri Somé, Fabienne Richard, Jenny Cresswell, Veronique Filippi, Carine Ronsman, Nicolas Méda

La gratuité de la césarienne au Mali : résultats d’une étude multidimensionnelle. Zoumana Daou