Health Policy and Financing


The objectives for this WP are:

  1. To establish a research framework for evaluating complex interventions and providing coherence across WPs
  2. To develop innovative methodologies for health policy analysis, focussing on what drives policy change and how policy is transferred, both from international to national level (and back), but also across national contexts
  3. To develop a framework for evaluating the community of practice component.
  4. To develop innovative methodologies for health finance research, focussing on practical tools for assessing how reforms change incentives at facility and health worker level, which is a core determinant of how a policy is translated into practice and hence how it affects care patterns and health gains (or lack of them)
  5. To contribute to tools which can ‘measure’ implementation of a health financing policy
  6. To measure changes to service costs and household expenditure and health seeking behaviour that are linked to the fee exemption policies
  7. To deploy these tools in the context of the focal countries of the region to contribute to a robust but also sensitive evaluation of the fee exemption reforms (including their long-term effect and sustainability).

The findings from the FEMHealth project have now been finalised. Click here to see the reports and policy briefs produced by the consortium.