Innovations in Methodology

FEMHealth will develop research and evaluation methodologies that allow assessment of policy interventions in complex situations. Our methods are innovative in a number of ways. First, FEMHealth will explore the process of policy success in terms of policy transfer and implementation by examining the interfaces between three levels of the healthcare system.

Second, we will conduct comparative realist case studies (Pawson & Tilley 1997), a promising but yet little applied approach to evaluation of interventions in complex situations, such as local health systems.

Third, we will use critical events (near miss) as an entry point for the evaluation of health outcomes and quality of care.

Lastly, we will pilot a new way of synthesising and disseminating results to policy-makers using a network beyond the four countries - a ‘community of practice’ which encourages cross-learning between policy-makers, international organisations and researchers and between countries in the region.

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