Social Programme

Friday 9 September 2016

This afternoon there is the opportunity to visit a stunning ruined castle perched on cliffs overlooking the North Sea. Explore the remaining buildings of Dunnottar Castle and take in the dramatic setting letting your imagine wander.As it is located south of the city transport will be provided to get you there and then return you to AECC.


To welcome you to Aberdeen the City Council will host a Civic Reception which is held in the Town House. This will be followed by dinner for both the Summer School and Conference. The current Town House dates from the 1870s and incorporates elements of the previous Town House and Tolbooth.  The tall, dominating tower is a major landmark in the city and the arcading is a particularly impressive streetscape feature.  The splendid internal decoration, especially in the official municipal rooms, demonstrate the wealth of 19th century Aberdeen.

During your visit you may find time to explore the site of our beautiful university in Old Aberdeen. It is located close to the Summer School and Conference venue.

And further reading of some interesting information of the University of Aberdeen can be found here.