NSF Student Fellowships


Student Fellowships are available to US Students, so they can attend RW2016 Summer School and/or RR 2016, through the generous support of the National Science Foundation. Applications are welcome from all students but female and minority students are especially encouraged to apply.

Applications requesting Student Fellowships should follow the relevant instructions below and then include them with the application to attend here as quickly as possible.

 US students who would like to apply for a grant are asked to apply by submitting an application not exceeding 3 pages in PDF format, and containing the following information:

  • Name, contact details
  • Affiliation
  • Motivation for participation
  • Summary of profile
  • Willing to present a poster? (if yes, add a poster title and abstract)
  • Willing to be considered for RR2016 Doctoral Consortium?
  • Supervisor
  • Publications (if applicable)
  • Indication of whether they are asking for support to attend only RW2016 or both RW and RR 2016.
  • Estimate of the amount needed (in Sterling).
  • Confirmation letter (as an attachment to the PDF application) from his/her supervisor that confirms that he/she is a full-time student.